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Chimp Caverns

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Bananacoin-dkcr.png Chimp Caverns Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Chimp Caverns -- World Map.png
Greater location Donkey Kong Island
Levels Tanked Up Trouble
Manic Mincers
Misty Mine
Necky Nutmare (GBC only)
Loopy Lights
Platform Perils
Boss level: Necky's Revenge
Boss Master Necky Snr.
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country

Chimp Caverns is the sixth and final world in Donkey Kong Country, right before the final boss battle with King K. Rool on Gangplank Galleon. The boss of this world is Master Necky Snr.; he is helped by Master Necky in the Game Boy Advance re-release.

Chimp Caverns, as its name suggest, is a large cavern. It features numerous mines, including one filled with mist. The world map reveals a long bridge (replaced by a cavern in the Game Boy Color re-release) and also features a ladder that leads to a dark cavern. There is also a small pond at the bottom of the area (none of the world's levels take place in it). At the very bottom-right corner of the area is the boss fight with Master Necky Snr.

This world is considerably the most difficult of Donkey Kong Country due to its overall high difficulty and length in levels in the area.

Chimp Caverns's setting was changed in the Game Boy Advance version, aside from every other world in-game: it is set in a volcanic cave area which also newly features trails and Mine Carts (which are not seen in any of the world's levels). The small pond in the world map was also removed.


In total, Chimp Caverns has five levels (an extra level, Necky Nutmare, was added to the Game Boy Color re-release). Just like with every other world, Cranky, Candy and Funky return to Chimp Caverns to help out DK and Diddy there.

  • Tanked Up Trouble: The first level of Chimp Caverns is no pushover. The level appears similar to Trick Track Trek from the previous world, but it is drastically different. While there is a similar layout, the moving platform now runs on fuel, that drains quickly. Fuel containers must be constantly recollected to keep the platform moving and go to the end.
  • Manic Mincers: A cave-mine area, this is considered one of the easier levels of C.C., but is still not a one-try pass. The level layout consists on a large abundance of spinning Mincers, all of which can be avoided with timing and skill. Spike balls are the main enemy here, and with practice, they will not be too much trouble. Gnawty and Krusha make appearances in a few parts of the level. Rambi is available early into the level.
  • Misty Mine: Misty Mine is, as per the name, a regular mine level with a thick layer of mist in it. Slippas are common pests in this level, as well as a few Gnawtys. Slippas are the most abundant, though. There appear to be no K-O-N-G letters at first, though there is a secret bonus room past the continue barrel containing them all in a rope-related mini-game.
  • Necky Nutmare: This additional level was only found in the Game Boy Color re-release. This level is a cave level, with a Mini-Necky infestation. Carefully time when the Kongs move on, for the Mini-Neckies shoot nuts out in many unexpected places, such as before DK crawls under an area or is running down a straight path.
  • Loopy Lights: This is another mine level, with lights that are off at first, but must be turned on again by jumping into an ON/OFF barrel. Red Klap Traps make their appearance, where they are quite annoying, as they jump whenever the Kongs do, and usually walk in their path. An early bonus barrel can be found by jumping in the middle of the first pit. When the lights are off, the Klap Traps are difficult to see, so it is advised to keep the lights on as much as possible.
  • Platform Perils: Platform Perils is the last level of Chimp Caverns, and is by far one of the hardest levels in the game, if not than in Chimp Caverns. A Gray Krusha will greet the Kongs when the level first starts off, and even Donkey Kong cannot defeat it without a barrel. Vine Barrels, that do not roll, are the main weapon against them. The name of the level indicates platforms, and many platforms are indeed found in the level. The "perils" will happen when Kongs lose to the platforms going too fast for them, often going into enemies awaiting their attack.
  • Necky's Revenge: Necky's Revenge is the area ruler. Despite the level name indicating Master Necky returning, it is actually Master Necky Snr., a purple color swap of Master Necky. The only major difference is the fact that the boss here can launch a series of nuts and then be vulnerable for attack. In the GBA remake, however, Master Necky does appear alongside Snr. After this level is the Gangplank Galleon.