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Chomp's Coliseum

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ExitIsNearSign.png Chomp's Coliseum ExitSign.png
World Kremlantis
Type Underwater
Theme Kremlantis

Bonus level(s) N/A
Animal Buddies N/A
Enemies encountered Chomps Jr., Fangfish, Snapper

Game Donkey Kong Land
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Chomp's Coliseum is a level in Kremlantis in the game, Donkey Kong Land. Reef Rampage must be finished to access this level. Chomp's Coliseum contains the special TNT barrel for destroying the barrier to Nautilus Chase.


Donkey Kong swims as a Snapper descends.

As the title suggests, this level contains the Chomps species enemy, though only the younger Chomps Jr.. Despite being called Chomp's Coliseum, there are almost almost two dozen Fangfish in the level, in addition to some Snapper. Aside from introducing Chomps Jr., this level is easily comparable to Kremlantis, where Donkey Kong and Diddy must navigate though a narrow underwater passage of the ruins of Kremlantis' once great temples and stadiums. Fangfish begin to appear more often and some even swim parallel to each other, which means the Kongs must carefully swim in between them. Most of the collectibles are found along the way of the level or by going into holes and crevices in the area. As stated previously, at the level end, there is a TNT Barrel that can destroy the barrier to Nautilus Chase.



DK swims near the "K" Letter
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Underneath two Fangfish, and on a trail of bananas.
    • O: In a deep hole underneath a pair of Fangfish.
    • N: In another deep hole, this time a Fangfish swims directly above the "N".
    • G: The "G" is in a circle of bananas near a Chomps Jr.


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