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Kong Token

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DKBarrelsprite.png Kong Token DKBarrelsprite.png
Kong Token Sprite GB.gif
Usage Used in a Bonus Level for extra lives
Location Coast of Donkey Kong Island
Game appearances Donkey Kong Land

Kong Tokens are collectible items that appear in Donkey Kong Land.


Kong Tokens are scattered in every level, and their only use is for a Bonus Level challenge. In it, the lead hero must jump on a button to rapidly fire the number of tokens they have out of a rotating Barrel Cannon, one by one. Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong must fire it in an appropriate direction for a chance to catch it in exchange for a 1-up.

Appearance-wise, they are tokens almost as large as the heroes, with one side depicting Donkey Kong's face and the other depicting Diddy's face. Additionally, the token is always spinning. The player will lose every Kong Token when the game is turned off; They are not saved.