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Tricky Temple

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ExitIsNearSign.png Tricky Temple ExitSign.png
World Kremlantis
Type Temple
Theme Voices of the Temple

Bonus level(s) 1
Animal Buddies Rambi (bonus level)
Enemies encountered Kritters, Gnawtys, Slippas, Armys, Krushas

Game Donkey Kong Land

Tricky Temple is the introductory level in the second world of Donkey Kong Land, Kremlantis. Wild Sting must be defeated to access this stage.


Diddy Kong holds a barrel in front of him as a Krusha approaches.

Tricky Temple is modeled after the temple levels of Donkey Kong Country, such as Temple Tempest. The heroes will walk through an aged temple with gaps and random slopes. Enemies such as Kritter and Slippa are common. Army makes its second level appearance of the game, and Krusha makes its DKL debut. Krusha is a brute Kremling that can be defeated with a projectile or jump attack from Donkey Kong. Diddy's jumps will not harm it. Rambi the Rhinoceros is briefly playable in the level's only bonus room, where he is used to clear the area of enemies.

The second level of Kremlantis, which is also named Kremlantis, proceeds this level.



Diddy Kong near the "O" Letter.

Bonus Levels

The bonus level.
  • Bash the Baddies! -- The entrance for this bonus level is just barely visible, found towards the end of this stage in an abyss. In this bonus room, it appears to be inside a factory, with metallic floors. Rambi can be used to defeat three Kritters and four Slippas. There are many Bananas along the way to the exit. Upon reaching the barrel cannon out the Kongs will dismount Rambi.


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