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Surface Tension

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ExitIsNearSign.png Surface Tension ExitSign.png
World Blackforest Plateau
Theme Enchanted Riverside

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Buzzes, Krimps, Krumples, Bristles, Sneeks Lurchins, Kocos, Bounty Basses, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Surface Tension is a riverbank level in Blackforest Plateau. It is the sixteenth level overall in Donkey Kong Land III. Tundra Blunda is the next level.


Dixie finds a Bear Coin underwater

Surface Tension has plenty of riverbanks with a variety of enemies, including Kocos, Lurchin, and Bounty Bass. On land, Krumples are encountered; Kiddy Kong must defeat these tough chested enemies which are too strong for Dixie Kong to defeat. At the level's beginning, the heroes can go left and find a Bonus Barrel guarded by two Buzz and a Krimp. The level offers a land or sea route, which eventually conforms into a land route in the last stretch of the level. The Koin is easy to miss in this level; later in the level, where a Barrel Cannon launches Dixie/Kiddy up to a cliff, take the steel barrel nearby and immediately go back to where they came from; Koin is in the pit between the barrel cannon and the cliff.



Dixie hovers over the "O" Letter. To the left of the Banana is an invisible Bonus Barrel.
  • Bear Coin: 2
  • KONG Letters:
    • K: To the right of the first Bristles enemy encountered.
    • O: Above a gap found east of three Krumple.
    • N: Obtained by taking the land route past the Star Barrel.
    • G: To the right of a Buzz near the End of Level Flag.

Bonus Levels

  • Bash the Baddies!: This bonus barrel is located left of the start. Defeat the Krimp and walk underneath the Buzz to access it. In the level, the duo must jump off all four Knik-Knaks that are flying above a river.
  • Find the Token!: The second bonus barrel is to the left of a lone banana below the "O" KONG Letter. It is invisible until jumped in. In the stage, the heroes are given 25 seconds to grab the Bonus Coin at the end of the area. They must avoid Buzzes on land and avoid Koco in the river.


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