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Bazuka Bombard

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ExitIsNearSign.png Bazuka Bombard ExitSign.png
World Tin Can Valley
Type Factory
Theme Nuts and Bolts

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Sneeks, Kobbles, Re-Koils, Krumples, Bazukas, Karbines

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Bazuka Bombard is the fourth level of Tin Can Valley in the game, Donkey Kong Land III. The next level is Ugly Ducting.


A Karbine shot a projectile at Dixie

Bazuka Bombard is a factory stage that features the Bazuka enemy, as the title would suggest. These enemies fire Wooden Barrels out of large bazookas, which can be jumped off of to gain height. Also featured in this level are Karbine enemies, as seen previously in Karbine Kaos. Ironically, the Karbine enemies are far more common in this level, which is named after Bazuka, than they are in their own stage, Karbine Kaos. The Karbines will launch projectiles from afar that must be avoided. The level's Koin is found while progressing normally, towards the end of the stage. The challenge is getting the Steel Barrel to the Koin without it getting destroyed by a Karbine projectile.



Dixie jumps for the "G" Letter
  • Bear Coin: 1
  • DK Barrel: 4
  • KONG Letters:
    • K: East of the first Bristles, is guarded by a nearby Bazuka.
    • O: A Barrel Cannon near a pool of molten lava will launch the heroes near the "O" Letter.
    • N: Found after jumping over a molten lava pool near a Bazuka.
    • G: Found on a platform shortly after the "N" Letter.

Bonus Levels

  • Collect the Stars! -- This bonus stage is found in plain sight, northeast of two platforms rising and falling vertically. In the stage, Dixie/Kiddy simply must jump into an Auto-Fire Barrel that will launch them through all eleven stars found in the area. The time limit is twenty seconds.
  • Bash the Baddies! -- The second bonus barrel is a bit tricky to get into; past the Star Barrel, the Kongs will encounter two Bazukas on a path that ascends northwest. The second Karbine will launch wooden barrels that Dixie Kong must follow with her Helicopter Twirl ability, hovering and following the projectile until it is within reach of the bonus barrel and then jumping off of it. In the stage, two Sneek, Re-Koil, and Booty Bird must be defeated in under twenty seconds. At the end, there are some molten lava pools that must be jumped over, in order to grab the Bonus Coin.


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