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Black Ice Blitz

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ExitIsNearSign.png Black Ice Blitz ExitSign.png
World Primate Plains
Type Snow
Theme Cascade Capers

Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Buzz

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Black Ice Blitz the fourth level of Primate Plains, the second world of Donkey Kong Land III. Riverbank Riot is the next stage.


Kiddy jumps over a Buzz.

Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong ride a toboggan in this level on the slippery snow to get throughout the level. There are small pits as traps in this level for the Kongs to jump over or else they will lose a life, in addition to various enemies running or flying about. The toboggan can jump off of all the enemies encountered except for Buzz. There are plateaus and at certain points, jumps that Knik-Knaks need to be jumped off of to proceed. This level is quite challenging due to the speed of the toboggan and the limited time to react to incoming obstacles. At the end of the level, there are two secret areas to be found; after the No Animal Sign, travel left to find a Bonus Barrel in a pit. The other secret area can be found by jumping above the End of Level Flag and getting to the barrel cannon. Koin can be found in a ditch, and to the right of Koin is a plateau with a lone banana. Jump to the banana to be launched into the second bonus stage.



Dixie finds the "G" Letter
  • DK Barrel: 2
  • Extra Life Balloon: 1
  • KONG Letters:
    • K: On top of the first house.
    • O: Shortly after two Buzzes, the "O" is above a gap housing a Kobble below.
    • N: After two Krimps in a row, the "N" will be just before a plateau.
    • G: Found to the right of a sliding Skidda.

Bonus Levels

  • Collect the Stars!: In the toboggan, Dixie/Kiddy must accumulate 18 stars in under nine seconds. This bonus stage is accessed by falling down the pit to the left of the point where the toboggan is lost.
  • Find the Token!: Thirteen seconds are allowed to find the Bonus token, achieved by running to the opposite side of the area and entering the barrel cannon. This bonus stage is accessed by jumping above the End of Level Flag, proceeding to the far right and following the lone floating banana's direction in the air.


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