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Vertigo Verge

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ExitIsNearSign.png Vertigo Verge ExitSign.png
World Blackforest Plateau
Type Mountain
Theme Rockface Rumble

Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Kobbles, Knockas, Krumples, Klasps, Buzzes

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Vertigo Verge is the second level in Blackforest Plateau of the game, Donkey Kong Land III. Polar Pitfalls comes next.


Dixie climbs near a Buzz

This level appears to be in a low mountain and must go on tightropes to advance throughout the level. There are some Klasps on the ropes, so Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong must watch out for them. The majority of this level is climbing on ropes and descending the mountain. There is a split in the route at a point in the level, adding incentive to explore the area. This level has plenty of tough Krumple enemies patrolling the ground; Dixie should have no problem getting around them with her Helicopter Twirl, and Kiddy can simply jump on them to defeat them (unlike Dixie). Vertigo Verge's Koin is found southeast of the Star Barrel, and a Steel Keg is provided before seeing Koin. The Steel Keg can be used to defeat the Buzz encountered before the Koin, and then the heroes can go back to where the Steel Keg appeared to get another one to use against Koin.



Dixie on a rope near the "N" Letter
  • Bear Coin: 1
  • KONG Letters:
    • K: To the left of a banana arrow pointing left.
    • O: When the level path splits into three paths, stick to the far left one to get the "O".
    • N: At the bottom of a rope to the left of the Koin.
    • G: Found near two Kobble.

Bonus Levels

  • Collect the Stars!: This bonus barrel is found by taking the left path when the level route splits into three paths. In the bonus level, eleven stars must be gathered in under thirty seconds. The stars are strung along ropes with Klasp enemies on them. The Bonus Coin will appear in the bottom right corner of the room.
  • Find the Token!: To get to this bonus stage, go below a banana arrow that points east. In the level, twenty seconds are allotted to get to the end of the area. The heroes will have to climb some ropes and avoid Buzz, Klasp, and a Sneek on the ground.


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