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Jetty Jitters

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ExitIsNearSign.png Jetty Jitters ExitSign.png
World Cape Codswallop
Type Boardwalk
Theme Stilt Village

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies N/A
Enemies encountered Sneeks, Kobbles, Koin, Klasp

Game Donkey Kong Land III

Jetty Jitters is the third level in the world Primate Plains, appearing in the game Donkey Kong Land III.


Dixie jumps to avoid two Klasp.

Jetty Jitters begins as a standard boardwalk level. Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong can advance from boardwalk to boardwalk, encountering Kobble and Sneek. Eventually they will come across some Rope, being held up horizontally. They can climb on the ropes, but the explosive and deadly Klasp enemies will often be found on the ropes. Klasp patrol the ropes, going back and forth at a set pace, and if touched, will detonate. The Klasp are the main enemies of the level, with ten of them in total. The Kongs have to option to not use the ropes, though they will miss various items found on the ropes, including Bear Coins and K-O-N-G Letters. If the heroes end up underwater, they will encounter Lurchin enemies.

This level's Koin is found directly left of where Dixie/Kiddy begin the level. They can simply run down the boardwalk to grab the Steel Keg and throw it behind the Koin to have it bounce off a wall and impact the Koin, obtaining the DK Coin.



Dixie finds some Bear Coins.

Bonus Areas

  • Collect The Stars! -- The first Bonus Barrel is found below a Klasp, down a narrow hole in the boardwalk. Forty seconds are given to collect 63 stars in a boardwalk area. It begins above water, and when the heroes reach the far right, they will have to drop down and swim left to collect the final stars. The Bonus Coin is on the boardwalk. All the stars are arranged to make an arrow shape, with nine stars in each arrow.
  • Find the Token! -- Twenty seconds is the time restraint to get to the end of a series of boardwalks with two Buzz hovering in the area. A Krumple can be jumped off of to reach the wooden roof where the Coin is found if Kiddy is playable. To the right of the coin are two Booty Bird for Dixie to jump off of.


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