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Rareware Coin

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Rareware Coin.png
The Rareware Coin.
Usage It and the Nintendo Coin grant access to a room with the final Boss Key.
Location In the Jetpac game after 5,000 points
Game appearances Donkey Kong 64

The Rareware Coin is an item in Donkey Kong 64. It symbolizes Rareware, the developers of the game.

In order to earn the Coin, the player must have fifteen Banana Medals to play the Jetpac game at Cranky's Lab. In this game, the player has to score a minimum of 5,000 points for the Rareware Coin to appear. The player must then collect it. This coin and the Nintendo Coin are used to open a steel door in Hideout Helm containing the final Boss Key for K. Lumsy's cage.