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Pony Tail Twirl

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Pony Tail Twirl
Pony Tail Twirl.png

Tiny Kong using her Pony Tail Twirl move
Games Donkey Kong 64
Usage Glide

The Pony Tail Twirl (scientific name: Roundum Roundus) is one of Tiny Kong's special moves in Donkey Kong 64. It can be purchased at Cranky's Lab in exchange for five Banana Bunch Coins. Cranky offers this move in Frantic Factory. This move has the same use as her older sister Dixie's Helicopter Spin.

After Tiny learns this move, she can glide by whirling her ponytails in a circular motion to reach far away places. It gives her greater horizontal distance and causes her her descent to slow down. When used from a high place, it prevents her from taking damage. The player must press and hold A while using this move. They must also keep pressing A when Tiny falls from a high place to prevent her from taking damage when she reaches the ground.