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DKCoinIconLeft.png Snide DKCoinIconLeft.png

Residence Donkey Kong Island
Species Weasel
Gender Male
Affiliates Formerly: Kremling Krew
Donkey Kong Island

Games Donkey Kong 64

Snide is an orange-furred weasel who was a former member of the Kremling Krew prior to the events of Donkey Kong 64.

Snide was King K. Rool's chief technician, responsible for creating the Blast-O-Matic. When Snide completed constructing the Blast-O-Matic, K. Rool became convinced that he would betray him. At the height of this paranoia, K. Rool banished Snide from the Kremling Krew.

After getting kicked out, Snide relocated to Donkey Kong Island and constructed his own headquarters: Snide's HQ.

At Donkey Kong Island, Snide told the Kongs about the blueprints and that he would exchange Golden Bananas if they retrieve the blueprints. When all forty blueprints have been collected, he gives the option for Donkey Kong 64's various mini-games to be played at his headquarters.


  • Snide is one of the characters featured in the book How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains.