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Nintendo Coin

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DKBarrelsprite.png Nintendo Coin DKBarrelsprite.png
Nintendo Coin.png

The Nintendo Coin.
Usage It and the Rareware Coin open a door in Hideout Helm
Location Frantic Factory's Donkey Kong arcade cabinet
Game appearances Donkey Kong 64

The Nintendo Coin is a collectible item in Donkey Kong 64. It is a silver coin with the Nintendo 64 logo on it. As its name implies, the Nintendo Coin symbolizes Nintendo, the game's publisher.

The Nintendo Coin can only be obtained by Donkey Kong in Frantic Factory. There, he must his Gorilla Grab move to pull a lever adjacent to a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet to play its game. His objective is to finish the game with a single life. After he completes 100m, the game's final level, he receives a Golden Banana. Squawks then prompts DK to pay two Banana Bunch Coins to replay the game.

The second time DK plays it, Pauline is replaced by the Nintendo Coin, and Jumpman has to rescue it instead. Once DK completes Donkey Kong again, he receives the Nintendo Coin.

Both the Rareware Coin and the Nintendo Coin are later used in Hideout Helm to open a rising door in King Krusha K. Rool's throne room. After the threshold is the eighth and final Boss Key; it unlocks the final padlock of K. Lumsy's cage, freeing the giant Kremling.