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Frantic Factory

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Frantic Factory.png

Frantic Factory
Area theme: Main theme
Production room theme
R&D room theme
Mad Jack theme
Entry requirement: Fifteen Golden Bananas
Located: Crocodile Rock
Enemies encountered: Kasplat
Mechanical Zinger
Mr. Dice
Sir Domino
Super Block
Toy Kritter
World boss: Mad Jack
Boss requirement: 200 bananas

Frantic Factory is the third world of Donkey Kong 64. It is a somber toy factory where Chunky Kong is held captive at. This stage's boss is a Kremling jack-in-the box named Mad Jack. This world's hub is in a room at the peak of Crocodile Rock. It can only be reached after Diddy defeats Dogadon and unlocks another padlock of K. Lumsy's cage. At least fifteen Golden Bananas are also required to access Frantic Factory.

This stage is notable for having an original Donkey Kong arcade cabinet that can be played by DK.

Enemies featured here include: five Kasplats, Kritters, Mechanical Zingers, Mr. Dices, Rulers, Sir Dominoes, Super Blocks, and Toy Kritters. Frantic Factory also has a mini-boss who can be battled by Chunky: Toy Monster.

The factory itself may also be named "Krem Co.", as its name appears on the Lobby's clock.


Lobby Area

The Lobby marks the starting point of the Factory. It features a red rug depicting K. Rool's head, two tables with Bananaport Pads #1 and #2 adjacent to one another, and a punch-in machine, where employees would punch in a card. Above it is a time clock that says "Krem Co.", a possible name of the factory. Two Toy Kritters patrol the entrance. Bananaport Pad #1 leads to the Production Room and Bananaport Pad #2 leads to the R&D room. Bananaport Pad #3 leads to a room with Snide's HQ, which can be accessed from the Testing room.

Production Area

The Production Area is a floor beneath the Lobby. Chunky is imprisoned at the level's "Storage Room", which also features a shack that controls a giant machine in the "Production Room". DK can pull a lever to access the shack. The giant machine in the Production Room can be climbed by the Kongs. Candy's Music Shop and Cranky's Lab are both on this floor.

Testing Area

The Testing Room is near the top of the Factory; it is a very tall room with stacked giant toy blocks. Diddy can Simian Spring on the blocks to find a Golden Banana on the top. At the top are windows, where the Moon can be seen from. Funky's Armory is on this floor. There is a minigame where DK has to Simian Slam up to number sixteen in order, a dart game for Tiny, and a room with the Donkey Kong arcade machine.

R&D Area

R&D is a research and development area at the topmost factory level, and it surrounds the higher part of the Testing area. It is a large room, with many sub-rooms. Each Kong faces a challenge here: Lanky has to copy the burping Kremlings by Simian Slamming the appropriate notes on a six-key colored piano, Tiny has her first race with the Toy Racecar, and Chunky fights the Toy Monster mini-boss. Small pits with metal grates circle the area.


  • Banana Fairy 1: The active Kong has to be in the "Testing Room" and hop on an ABC block platform to reach a passageway. Near the start is a Banana Fairy.
  • Banana Fairy 2: Tiny must complete a darts game in a room near the "Testing Room", and collect a Golden Banana. A cutscene then shows that a Banana Fairy has appeared outside of Funky's Armory.
  • Battle Crown: Donkey Kong must reach the end of a hallway adjacent to the R&D room's upper ledge. There, he must use Gorilla Grab to pull a lever. This opens two steel gates on the floor; one grants DK access to a Battle Arena Pad and the other just has four Banana Coins for Chunky. DK must go on the Pad to transport himself to the "Arena Ambush" match, where he fights two Kritters and a Kasplat at a time. If he defeats enough enemies, he is awarded a Battle Crown.
  • Nintendo Coin: Donkey Kong must complete the Donkey Kong arcade game for a second time.

Golden Bananas

Donkey Kong

  • Golden Banana 1: DK must go to the "Testing Room", stand on a Kong Pad, and complete a "Barrel Blast" challenge. After the challenge, a lever appears in a room with the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet; it is on the left side of a hallway that is accessible by climbing up a pole in the "Storage Room". DK must go into the room and perform the Gorilla Grab move to pull a lever. This allows him to play the arcade game, starting with a single life. If he completes the game, DK wins a Golden Banana. Afterward, Squawks prompts DK to pay two Banana Coins to replay the arcade game. After he pays Squawks, DK plays the game again, but Pauline is now replaced by the Nintendo Coin and the game's difficulty increases. If Donkey Kong finishes the game again, he receives the Nintendo Coin.
  • Golden Banana 2: In the "Production Room", DK must Simian Slam on a blue switch to open a gate in a hallway to the right of the Lobby. He must then climb up a pole to reach the "Testing Room". DK then has to jump on a right-hand side toy block platform that carries him to a hallway's entrance. At the end of the hallway is a room consisting of a number square with blocks of numbers 1-16. DK must Simian Slam on a Kong Switch to elevate the blocks. He has sixty seconds to Simian Slam all sixteen blocks in ascending order. If done correctly, he is awarded a Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 3: In the R&D room, DK has to head down a hallway closest to the Kasplat. He then has to jump in a pit to land on a steel platform in the "Storage Room". On the platform is a small outhouse, which opens if DK shoots the Coconut Switch right of the building. Inside the outhouse, he should pull a lever to turn on the machines in the nearby "Production Room". DK is awarded a Golden Banana if he does so.
  • Golden Banana 4: After switching on the "Production Room" machinery, DK has to go inside a room of a giant machine, next to Bananaport Pad #4. In the room, he has to jump inside a Kong Barrel to temporarily use his Strong Kong move. Using the move, DK can run on two conveyor belts while immune to falling weights and hot surfaces. He can find a Golden Banana after the belts.
  • Blueprint: The blueprint possessed by a yellow-haired Kasplat is in the "Production Room", after the Bananaport Pad #4 near the two narrow, spinning platforms above ground level. After the Bananaport Pad, DK has to jump on to three moving platforms. The third one takes him to a higher platform with moving conveyor belts and a Tag Barrel. DK must move across two nearby spinning, circular platforms. Beneath is a Kasplat, who must be defeated for a yellow blueprint.

Diddy Kong

  • Golden Banana 1: Diddy must Simian Slam on a Kong Switch in the "Production Room" and climb up the room until reaching a Kong Pad depicting him after the two spinning, circular platforms. Diddy must use his Simian Spring on the pad to reach a Golden Banana in a small alcove.
  • Golden Banana 2: Diddy must go to the giant ABC blocks in the "Testing Room". He must Simian Spring on a few Kong Pads to reach the top of the ABC block tower, with a floating Bonus Barrel with the Peril Path Panic minigame. Completing this minigame awards Diddy a Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 3: Diddy must go to the R&D room, climb up a ladder pole, and use his Guitar Gazzup move on a nearby guitar Music Pad. This causes a glass door leading to a room with number blocks to open. Diddy must Chimpy Charge into the four number blocks to spell out the three numbers on the steel doors, one number at a time. If entered correctly, Diddy battles some enemies, temporarily with infinite Oranges and peanut ammo. The number combinations are: "3124", which summons two Mr. Dices and a Sir Domino, "4231", which summons two Krobots, and "1342", which summons a Krobot and two Mechanical Zingers. If each foe is defeated, Diddy wins a Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 4: Diddy must head down a passageway closest to the R&D area's Kasplat. At the end is a pit that leads him to a steel platform in the "Storage Room". Diddy must Simian Slam on a Kong Switch to the right. This summons two floating vines and a Bonus Barrel, leading to a "Beaver Bother" minigame, for twenty seconds. Diddy must jump into the barrel and complete the mini-game for a Golden Banana.
  • Blueprint: The blueprint, held by a red-haired Kasplat, is located on the right side of the "Production" room.

Lanky Kong

  • Golden Banana 1: After the "Production Room" machinery has been turned on, Lanky must head down there and hit his Kong Switch next to a platform moving up and down. He then has to climb up the room until reaching a pipe preceding to DK's Kasplat. Lanky must use his OrangStand move to climb on it to an alcove with the Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 2: Lanky must go to the "Storage Room" and use his OrangStand move to climb up a water pipe. At the top is a Kong Switch, which he must Simian Slam to drop the cage imprisoning Chunky and gain a Golden Banana for doing so.
  • Golden Banana 3: In the "Testing Room", Lanky must use his Baboon Balloon move on a ledge left of the R&D entrance to momentarily float upwards to a Bonus Barrel with the "Batty Barrel Bandit" mini-game. If Lanky completes the mini-game, he wins a Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 4: In an alcove of the R&D department, Lanky must stand on a Music Pad and use his Trombone Tremor move. A glass door then opens, and he can enter a room. Inside is a green switch that Lanky needs to Simian Slam on to. A red Kritter pops out of different colored barrels in a pattern, burping. Lanky must memorize which colored barrels it popped out of in order; he must then Simian Slam the differently colored piano keys in an identical color pattern. The piano has six keys, individually labelled from A to F. This process is done five times. After each turn, the Kritter pokes out of another colored barrel, and Lanky has to Simian Slam on another piano key. Lanky is rewarded a Golden Banana if he successfully plays the color pattern five times.
  • Blueprint: The blue-haired Kasplat with the blueprint patrols the upper region of the "R&D Room".

Tiny Kong

  • Golden Banana 1: Tiny must Simian Slam on her Kong Switch in the "Production Room" to temporarily spawn a Bonus Barrel with the "Krazy Kong Klamor" mini-game. She must climb up the room until after passing three conveyor belts. She must then use her Ponytail Twirl to reach the Bonus Barrel and complete its mini-game for a Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 2: Tiny must head into the room with a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet and jump into a Kong Barrel to use her Mini-Monkey move. She must then climb up boxes and walk down a narrow pathway leading to an air duct. She then must walk through to find a Golden Banana, which will cause the bars to rise.
  • Golden Banana 3: Tiny must navigate to a ledge with a Kong Barrel in the "Testing Room", and she must jump into it to use her Mini Monkey move. She must then walk into a tunnel, turn back to normal size, and Simian Slam a Kong Switch to play a game of darts. She must then bring out her Feather Crossbow and shoot at the picture on the spinner corresponding with the one depicted on the "NEXT" poster. If done correctly, a check mark is added to the "ITEMS" poster on the left. If she hits the incorrect picture, each check mark are removed and she has to restart the game. Tiny has to correctly shoot at six pictures to win a Golden Banana. A Banana Fairy also appears outside of Funky's Armory.
  • Golden Banana 4: Tiny has to go into the R&D room and walk into a hallway near Bananaport Pad #2. At the end is a Kong Barrel, which Tiny must jump into to use her Mini Monkey move. She must then go into a small opening, with a Rare logo above it and then another one. Inside the second opening, Tiny is challenged by the Toy Racecar to race two laps, while avoiding TNT Barrels. She has to collect at least ten coins and win the race for a Golden Banana.
  • Blueprint: The purple-haired Kasplat with the blueprint guards a room, with a pole, next to the "Storage Room".

Chunky Kong

  • Golden Banana 1: Chunky must go into the "Production Room" and hit a Kong Switch depicting him. This summons a Golden Banana for 99 seconds. Chunky has to head up to where the second Bananaport Pad #4 is and wait for a long, narrow platform to come toward him. He must jump on one, run toward the smasher and instantly collect the Golden Banana after it falls down.
  • Golden Banana 2: Chunky must use his Primate Punch move an iron gate in the "Storage Room" to reach an area with a DK Dirt Pile and a ? Crate. He must destroy the crate and Simian Slam to reveal a Kong Switch. He must hit it to reveal a Golden Banana. Since the Banana is high up, Chunky must Primate Punch on a Wall Switch to activate some moving lifts. He must move across them to obtain the Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 3: Chunky must Primate Punch an iron gate adjacent to the room with the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. This room contains a Bonus Barrel leading to a "Stash Snatch" minigame. Chunky must complete the mini-game to receive a Golden Banana.
  • Golden Banana 4: In the R&D room, Chunky must climb up a wooden rope next to a Kasplat and punch down an iron gate. He then has to stand on a Music Pad and perform his Triangle Trample move. This causes a glass door to grant access to an empty room with a toy chest. Chunky has to Primate Punch on the chest's Wall Switch to fight a Mr. Dice, then two Rulers, and then two Sir Dominoes. Afterward, a bunch of enemies come out of the toy chest and attach to one another, forming the Toy Monster. A Kong Barrel then appears for Chunky to use his Hunky Chunky move, temporarily with infinite Crystal Coconuts. Using this move, Chunky can battle the Toy Monster. Once the Monster is hit numerous times, the enemies forming it are defeated, they detach, and then collapse. Chunky then receives a Golden Banana.
  • Blueprint: The blueprint is hoarded by a green-haired Kasplat in the "Testing Room", left of the ABC block tower.