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Feather Bow

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DKBarrelsprite.png Feather Bow DKBarrelsprite.png
Tiny Kong - Donkey Kong 64 - Artwork 1.png
Tiny Kong with her Feather Bow.
Usage To shoot feathers at enemies and Feather Switches.
Location Funky's Armory
Game appearances Donkey Kong 64

The Feather Bow is a weapon used by Tiny Kong (and created by Funky Kong) in Donkey Kong 64. As its name suggests, the Feather Bow is a crossbow that shoots feathers for projectiles.

It is considerably weaker than the other weapons, but can be shot quickly for more damage. It can activate Feather Switches and defeat certain enemies. The ammunition is small, so it is easily missed. It is not like this when a red box is opened, though. When a red box is opened, 5-10 Darker-Colored Feathers are added to Tiny's ammo as regular ammo. When these darker-colored feathers are launched, they will go after the nearest enemy to the crosshair and the closest to Tiny herself.


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