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Crystal Caves

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Crystal Caves DK64.png

Entry requirement: 65 Golden Bananas
Located: DK Isles
Enemies encountered: Gnawty
Klap Trap
World boss: Army Dillo
Boss requirement: 350 bananas

Crystal Caves is the sixth world in Donkey Kong 64. As the name suggests, this world is an ice and crystal cavern. A giant Kosha lurks in the highest part of the cave, raining stalactites down on the unsuspecting Kongs. The area has all the Kong shops in it. A rematch with the beetle is also held here (though with Lanky instead of Tiny). The area's boss is a rematch with Army Dillo, the boss from Jungle Japes.

Entry to Crystal Caves requires sixty-five Golden Bananas.


Golden Bananas

Crystal Caves
Kong Banana 1 Banana 2 Banana 3 Banana 4 Blueprint
Donkey Kong After blasting off from the DK Pad by Cranky's Lab, DK can barrel blast through a maze to ultimately reach a Bonus Barrel. Once the Bonus barrel is complete, DK can claim his Golden Banana. Inside the igloo in the center of the area DK can find his way through a spiked wall maze. Once complete, a Golden Banana can be retrieved. On the upper walkways of the cavern an out-of-the-way lodge sits for DK to plunder. Inside DK must match the Kong faces to their counterparts to win the Golden Banana. Near the cabin by Candy's Shop, DK must go inside to blast all the Zingers with his Coconut Gun. If successful he will receive a Golden Banana. DK's Kasplat lies on the upper walkways near the Ice Castle.
Diddy Kong Inside the igloo, Diddy must pick up barrels and throw them in the same order as the numbered spaces. He can then get a Golden Banana. Diddy can jet behind the waterfall to a Bonus Barrel. He must win Mad Maze Maul to get a Golden Banana. In a lodge by DK's lodge with the Guitar Pad, Diddy can go in. Diddy must wipe out the Kremlings inside before the time runs out. If he succeeds, a Golden Banana will be at the ready. If he fails, Krosshair will attack. After activating a door with the Guitar Pad at the main lodge, Diddy can enter a gloomy room. After defeating two Koshas, he must use his Jetbarrel to rocket atop three unlit candles. Once he lights all three of them with his rockets them he can receive Golden Banana. After Tiny activates Bananaporter 4 Diddy can zip into an isolated room to defeat a Kasplat.
Lanky Kong Inside Lanky's part of the igloo he must defeat all the enemies to make a Lanky Pad appear. Once he activates his Baboon Balloon, he can float to the Golden Banana. Inside the ice castle, Lanky can play a switch game with a bored Ice Creature. Both Lanky and the ice creature slam switches, with Lanky causing a DK symbol to appear while the creature causes a K. Rool symbol to appear. If more DK symbols than K. Rool symbols show, Lanky gets the banana. Atop the ice castle, Lanky can open an entrance way from a Lanky Switch down below. He can enter a slide race with the Scarab Beetle. If he wins, he'll get a Golden Banana. Inside the lodge by the Tag Barrels near the waterfall, Lanky can float into a Lanky barrel from a Lanky Pad and race to the Golden Banana before time runs out. After Diddy activated Bananaporter 5, Lanky can zip in and get his Kasplat's blueprint.
Tiny Kong From the ledge with Donkey's Barrel Blast Pad and Lanky's Balloon Pad, drop down into the water and swim for the ledge with the Kosha. Behind it will be a small door and a Tiny Barrel. Shrink down and head through the door to and area with a Bonus Barrel. Jump inside to play Krazy Kong Klamour! The game is harder than previous incarnations because the lights turn off faster than before. Shoot the Banana immediately before the lights turn off. After you've done it five times, the Golden Banana is yours! In the area with the igloo, Tiny must look for a Saxophone Pad and play her music on it. She'll enter a room where she has to slam a target. The target will then start moving, and Tiny must slam it three more times in 30 seconds, all while avoiding a rather large Kosha. If she succeeds, she also gets a Banana Fairy in addition to the banana, but if she fails, Krosshair attacks. Near the waterfall and Funky's Store, Tiny must shrink using her barrel and go into a small passage. In this little ice cave, there's a Tiny Pad. She must Monkeyport using this pad to a Golden Banana underneath an igloo-like ice structure in the igloo area. In the area with the cabins near Candy's Music Shop, Tiny must play her saxophone on a pad somewhere. Inside, she must use oranges to kill all the purple Klaptraps. Tiny's Kasplat is on a high ledge near Candy's Music Shop and the cabins.
Chunky Kong Near the beginning of the level, there's a secret room that Chunky can access by Primate Punching down an ice wall. Inside, he can use his Gorilla Gone ability to see a previously-invisible banana. Behind the ice castle, Chunky must pick up a boulder and set it down on a boulder switch. This makes a giant igloo near Cranky's Lab explode. Chunky must use his Primate Punch to take down a wall blocking his way to the igloo. Inside, he must get big with the Chunky Barrel, pick up the giant boulder, and place it on the giant switch, causing an ice structure in the igloo area to explode. Not only does this give him a Golden Banana, but Tiny can use the pad to kill the gigantic Kosha causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. In the igloo area, Chunky can play music on a Triangle Pad to enter a room where a rabbit is tied to a TNT Barrel with lots of flames closing in on him. Chunky has to keep the flames away from the TNT Barrel for 60 seconds. In the cabins area (near Candy's Music Shop), Chunky can enter a room where he must slam targets while avoiding searchlights. If a searchlight finds him, Krosshair attacks after one second with a gunshot that instantly kills Chunky. Once he's slammed down all three targets, a Chunky Pad appears. After he gets invisible with this pad, Chunky can now safely walk under the lights to a Bonus Barrel where he must play Searchlight Seek. Chunky's Kasplat is on top of the big igloo with all the music pads and entrances.


  • The stalactite theme was originally composed for Banjo-Kazooie, while it was still known as Project Dream. The track was given the title of "Big Foot" by the composer of both Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, Grant Kirkhope.
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