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Slipslide Ride

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ExitIsNearSign.png Slipside Ride ExitSign.png
World Gorilla Glacier
Type Ice cave
Theme Ice Cave Chant (SNES and GBA)

DK Land 1 Kremlantis Theme (GBC)

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Zingers, Kritters, Armys, Klap Traps, Neckys

Game Donkey Kong Country

Slipslide Ride is the second level of Gorilla Glacier, in Donkey Kong Country. It is accessible after finishing Snow Barrel Blast.


DK prepares to throw a barrel at an Army.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will traverse the ice cavern of Gorilla Glacier. The ground they walk on has poor traction, and the ropes they need to use are slippery. When the lead Kong grabs a rope, they will slip upward or downward, depending on the color of the rope. If its a blue rope, they will slide up, and if it's purple, they will slide down. They can try to climb the opposite direction to avoid immediately being whisked away in a direction beyond their control, though there's only so much they can do to prevent sliding. While navigating the cavern, they need to be wary of Army, high jumping Kritter, Klaptrap, and Zinger enemies. Zingers are found near the ropes, serving as obstacles to be avoided while climbing.

In the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country, the color of the ropes was changed. White ropes slide upward, and blue ropes slide downward. This was to ensure visibility, because the background of the stage is purple. The GBC version also includes an Easter egg that Rareware had included in various GBC games -- the "Rare Cow" is visible in the lower half of the second bonus area, toward the exit.

Completion of this stage unlocks Ice Age Alley in the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color versions of DKC. In the Game Boy Advance version, Ice Age Alley and Croctopus Chase's locations were swapped, thus making Croctopus Chase the next level in the GBA remake.



  • Banana Bunch: 5
  • Barrels:
  • Enguarde's Animal Token: Placed in a breakable part of the ground after the checkpoint. Use the jumping Kritter to gain the height to break the area containing the Token.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: After the Army enemy, the "K" is found by going up on the blue rope rope and jumping off it to the item.
    • O: Must use a jumping Kritter to reach a high rope to go up, leading to a secret area with the "O".
    • N: After the purple rope with a lone Zinger at the bottom, there is an area with two blue ropes going up. Proceed to the left one and make a tricky jump to the right between two Zingers at the top to find the area with the "N" (and a DK Barrel).
    • G: Before the level ends, there is a purple rope which has the "G" letter above. One must jump up continuously, alternating narrow left and right jumps upwards to combat the purple rope's sliding the Kongs down to reach it.

Bonus Levels

Diddy finds the third bonus level.
  • Stop the Barrel: DK or Diddy must stomp on a bouncing Kritter near a blue rope, then use a barrel to break down the nearby wall. Inside, they must spell "Kong" using the four barrels. In the SNES and GBC versions of the game, there's also a hard-to-see frozen automatic Barrel Cannon near the bonus entrance that will allow the Kongs to warp to almost near the very end of the level. It's unknown why this warp was removed in the GBA version while Mine Cart Carnage and Stop & Go Station's warps both stayed in.
  • Spell it Out: A Zinger guards an alcove. The Kongs must pick up the barrel it guards, jump over it, then fall all the way down the rope and break the wall on the left. Inside, they must spell "Nintendo".
  • Collect the Bananas: After the O, there is a series of blue ropes. One has a Zinger in the middle. The Kongs should jump to the right of this rope, then go back to it when they've cleared the Zinger. Inside, there are a bunch of blue and purple ropes with bananas on them as well as an Expresso token.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Color

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  • This is the only ice cave level in Donkey Kong Country. As such, it's also the only level to use Ice Cave Chant (or Donkey Kong Land's Kremlantis theme on the Game Boy Color) for its music.
  • This is the only level in the game where the arrow sign near the exit is pointing left.

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