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Slippa - Donkey Kong Country.png

A Slippa.
Leader King K. Rool
Homeland Donkey Kong Island

Affiliations Kremling Krew
Enemies Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country
Donkey Kong Land
"Slippa: Scaly, slithering snakes that like to live in oil drums."
—Donkey Kong Country manual, pg. 29

Slippas, known as Hister in the beta version,[1] are red Coral snake enemies who appear in Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land.

Appearances in video games

Donkey Kong Country

Slippas debut in Donkey Kong Country; they first appear in the cavern level Reptile Rumble. They slither on the ground and attempt to attack DK or Diddy by slithering into them. The Kongs can defeat them by jumping on them or by rolling/cartwheeling into them. Slippas make a hissing noise upon being defeated. Some of the game's Oil Barrels continuously release them, including Dumb Drum, the fifth boss of the game; it releases two Slippas after the Kongs defeat two Kritters, the first two enemies it releases in the boss fight.

Aside from Reptile Rumble, Slippas play a role in three other levels: Millstone Mayhem, Elevator Antics and Misty Mine. They mostly dwell in cavern levels.

Slippa has an unused death sequence, as revealed in the game's files. Cranky also calls it Hister in one of his unused speeches.

Donkey Kong Land

Slippas reappear in Donkey Kong Land. They have a lot more level appearances compared to Donkey Kong Country, and appear in more environments. Slippas receive a new variation in the game that slithers down ropes and then fall off afterward; they appear in ship deck levels. Oil Drums have a new variation called Slippa Jars, who specifically spawn Slippas. They appear in these levels:





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