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Really Gnawty

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"Are my old eyes playing tricks? I'm sure I have seen that beaver before. Where could it have been? Grab the banana and give it to me. Head down the mountain to the factory."
Cranky Kong (Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country).
DKCoinIconLeft.png Really Gnawty DKCoinIconLeft.png
Really Gnawty - Donkey Kong Country.png

Really Gnawty's artwork from Donkey Kong Country
Aliases Leader of the Gnawties
Residence Gorilla Glacier
Family Gnawty, Very Gnawty (co-ruler)
Species Gnawty
Affiliates King K. Rool,
Powers/Abilities Really high jumping ability
Enemies Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Country

Really Gnawty is a giant Gnawty and is the fourth boss of Donkey Kong Country, and it resides in "Really Gnawty Rampage" of Gorilla Glacier.

In the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color versions, it is a maroon color swap of Very Gnawty. In the Game Boy Advance remake, it is a blue color swap.


Fighting Really Gnawty in the Game Boy Advance version. Note the stalagmites above.

When first encountered, he is fought in a fashion similar to his palette (color) swap, Very Gnawty. Really Gnawty takes short hops around the arena. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong only need to jump on top of Really Gnawty five times, just like Very Gnawty. However, this boss is more difficult than the previous beaver boss; After being hit, Really Gnawty makes a gigantic leap and tries to jump on DK and Diddy, easily scraping the arena ceiling. While he is doing this high reaching jump, he cannot be hurt. When he is hit again, he has another leaping attempt with one more for each hit. Each time he is hit, he hops progressively faster and farther after each hit. When he lands, Really Gnawtys jump around normally at a faster pace, until being pounced on for the fifth time.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, his battle sequence was altered; Really Gnawty still does a high pouncing leap after getting hit, though it jumps to the opposing side of the arena, depending on where Donkey and Diddy are located. This then causes stalagmites to collapse, needing the monkeys to be careful of injury results. He then laughs mockingly while invincible until all the stalagmites collapse.




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