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Orang-utan Gang

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ExitIsNearSign.png Orang-utan Gang ExitSign.png
World Vine Valley
Type Jungle
Theme DK Island Swing (or Simian Segue in the GBA version)
Notable features Five bonus levels, sunset, introduces Manky Kongs
Bonus level(s) 5
Animal Buddies Expresso
Enemies encountered Manky Kong, Klap Trap, Kritter, Zinger

Game Donkey Kong Country

Orang-utan Gang is a level of Vine Valley in Donkey Kong Country. It is the fifth level of the Vine Valley area in the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color versions of Donkey Kong Country, and was relocated to be the fourth level of the area in Game Boy Advance version, its location being swapped with Temple Tempest's.


Manky Kong throws a wooden barrel.

This level is the final jungle level of DKC, and introduces Manky Kong enemies. They are former members of the Kong Family that throw barrels at Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Also in this level, an Animal Buddy, being Expresso the Ostrich, can be found in its Animal Crate shortly before the Star Barrel. Expresso can fly over obstacles and help the duo get through the level. There are five Bonus Areas in this level, more than any other level in the DKC SNES trilogy. In the Super Nintendo version of the game, the level begins at daytime, and transitions into a sunset. In the Game Boy Color version, the level is set at daytime, and in the Game Boy Advance version, the level begins at sunset.

If Donkey or Diddy walk to the left at the start of the level, they will find a Steel Keg on a tree, with a Zinger encircling it. If they can grab the steel keg, they can throw it against the top of the tree from where they started, jump on the rolling steel keg, and ride to through the beginning portion of the level.

In the SNES and GBC versions, completing the stage allows DK and Diddy to go to Cranky's Cabin, as well as the next level, Clam City. In the GBA version, they will still progress to Clam City, but Cranky's Cabin will not be accessible until after that level.


Animal Buddies


Finding the "G" letter.
  • Animal Token: One of every animal token is winnable in a bonus level. Additionally, outside of the bonus stage, an Enguarde Token can be obtained by using Expresso. On top of a mountain, the heroes must jump off the tire on top to the left dirt area.
  • Barrels:
  • Extra Life Balloon: 5 Red (in bonuses)
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Guarded by a Zinger after a bunch of Kritters near the beginning.
    • O: Directly underneath Expresso's crate. Must use a roll jump to obtain.
    • N: At a fork in the level path, going downward leads to the "N" Letter. It is near a Klaptrap.
    • G: Inside the fourth bonus level; Use a floating tire to bounce up and pound a weak spot in the ground, revealing it.
  • Tire: 4

Bonus Levels

The "Spell it Out" bonus level.
  • Spell it Out: After getting Expresso, the player must fly all the way back to very close to the beginning of the level. Clearing out any Zingers and Kritters along the way might be helpful. Instead of jumping on the palm trees at the beginning, Expresso must jump under them and fly all the way to the left. Inside, DK and Diddy must spell out "Winky", then "Rambi", then "Enguarde", and then "Expresso". Each time they do, they win a token of the named animal. In the GBA version, the player only spells out "Winky", as in that version, if they get three tokens, the player doesn't advance to an animal's bonus stage until after the bonus stage is completed (as opposed to the original and GBC versions, where they would go to the stage immediately).
  • Collect the Prizes: The previous bonus deposits DK and Diddy very close to the end of the level. Keeping Expresso intact, they must do more backtracking to where the "N" Letter is (across a lot of Kritters and a few Manky Kongs), and jump and fly from its position. They'll eventually find a strip of land underneath the trees where they must use a nearby barrel to break open a bonus cave. Inside, DK and Diddy can just use the floating tire to destroy all the weak spots on the ground and get the prizes.
  • Collect the Prizes: Back at the area that the first bonus sent the player to, DK or Diddy must pick up the barrel near a tree, but not jump on the tree. Instead, they must fall down to a lower area, then fall down into an even lower area with a tire inside, and use the barrel on the left wall. (There's a glitch in the Super NES version where if DK or Diddy bounce on the nearby tire, the opened cave closes right back up). Inside is another floating tire with more weak spots to pound.
  • Collect the Prizes: The player gets deposited right next to that same barrel near that same tree. DK or Diddy must pick it up and fall back into that lower area, but jump over where the third bonus was and use the barrel on the wall facing right. Inside, they get to do even more weak spot pounding.
  • Find the Exit: The player gets deposited in between the barrel and the tree. They must pick up the barrel again, and this time, jump on the tree, past the Manky Kong throwing barrels. DK or Diddy must use the barrel to bust open yet another wall on the right. If the barrel breaks, they'll have to use the Manky Kong's barrels to open the bonus. Inside, Expresso must cross the wide gap.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance


  • Despite its name, Orang-utan Gang features nearly three times more Kritters than Manky Kongs.

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