Master Necky Snr.

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DKCoinIconLeft.png Master Necky Snr. DKCoinIconLeft.png
NeckySnr DKC.png

Master Necky Snr.'s artwork from Donkey Kong Country.

Residence Chimp Caverns
Family Master Necky, Necky, Mini-Necky
Species Necky
Affiliates King K. Rool,
Neckys (former loyal subjects)
Powers/Abilities Unlimited supply of coconuts
Enemies Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Country
"It's just like the old days, reusing the boss, changing it's color and pretending it is something completely new!"
Cranky Kong (Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country)

Master Necky Snr. is an enormous Necky, and is the leader of the Neckies. He is the sixth boss in Donkey Kong Country, found at the end of Chimp Caverns.


The battle in the Super Nintendo version.

In the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color versions of DKC, Master Necky Snr. fights similarly to Master Necky. However, Master Necky Snr. is more aggressive than its counterpart. When engaged in battle, Master Necky Snr. rears his head and spews out a coconut. This means that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must avoid the coconut and use the tire in order to pounce on Master Necky Snr.'s head. After each hit, however, another coconut is spewed out by him in his turn of attacking depending on how many hits he has taken. Master Necky Snr. must be pounced on the head five times to be defeated.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Master Necky returns to assist Master Necky Snr. In the battle, when it starts, the two both fire coconuts, but only do one at a time regardless of how much they are hit until KO'd. Once one is down, the other resumes the attack pattern of the remaining Necky. They both must be defeated in order to get to Gangplank Galleon to fight King K. Rool.





  • American players of Donkey Kong Country have wondered why his name isn't spelled "Master Necky Sr.". This is because Rare is based in the United Kingdom, and "Snr." is how the word "senior" is abbreviated in that country.
  • In Master Necky Snr.'s artwork, he has a pink beak with a yellow end, but in the game, he has a purple beak with a yellow end.

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