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Rope Bridge Rumble

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ExitIsNearSign.png Rope Bridge Rumble ExitSign.png
World Gorilla Glacier
Type Treetop Village
Theme Treetop Rock

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Winky
Enemies encountered Zingers, Kritters, Armys

Game Donkey Kong Country

Rope Bridge Rumble is the sixth level for Gorilla Glacier in the game Donkey Kong Country. Despite its icy coloration, it's no different from Tree Top Town.


Winky jumps off a tire.

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are in a high up Treetop Village, with bouncy springs that will help them cross large gaps and abysses. Rope Bridge Rumble entails the duo jumping from one treetop house to another, until the end. Along the way, many floating platforms will aid the heroes' journey. However, jumping yellow Kritters and Zingers are abundant in this level. Luckily, Winky the Frog can be utilized to help DK and Diddy in crossing gaps, with his excellent jumping prowess, and ability to defeat Zinger enemies by landing on top of them. Winky is only obtainable via a Bonus Level early in the stage.

In the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color versions of the game, the level Torchlight Trouble precedes this level, and the area boss, Really Gnawty, proceeds this level. In the Game Boy Advance version, this level comes after Croctopus Chase, and Torchlight Trouble proceeds this level.


Animal Buddies

  • Winky: In the first bonus level


The "K" Letter is guarded by an encircling Zinger.
  • Bananas: 61 (not counting bonus; 45 in bonus)
  • Animal Token: One of any, in bonus only
  • Barrels:
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Above a floating tire platform, guarded by Zinger.
    • O: Floating in a pit between two treetop houses guarded by a lone jumping Kritter.
    • N: Found above a moving levitating tire platform.
    • G: Floating in a pit between two treetop houses, guarded by two jumping Kritters.

Bonus Levels

The "Stop the Barrel" bonus stage.
  • Find the Exit: The Bonus Barrel for this level is in the second abyss from the beginning, in between a tire on a higher ledge and a tire on a lower one. No hints are given to its existence, and it is just barely visible. Inside, the Kongs must bounce on the tires to cross an abyss, and will find Winky at the end.
  • Stop the Barrel: There is a large abyss near the end of the level with three moving platforms with tires on them. The one in the middle is down lower than the other two, and moves under a lone banana. A hidden Bonus Barrel is above the banana. Inside, the three barrels cycle through all four animal tokens. DK and Diddy must match the barrels to win the token depicted on them.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance

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