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Mine Cart Carnage

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ExitIsNearSign.png Mine Cart Carnage ExitSign.png
Mine Cart Carnage - DKC SNES.png
World Monkey Mines
Type Mine
Theme Mine Cart Madness
Notable features The first Mine Cart level;
well-known warp at level start
Bonus level(s) None
Animal Buddies N/A
Enemies encountered Krash

Game Donkey Kong Country

Mine Cart Carnage is the second level in the Monkey Mines, and seventh overall in the game Donkey Kong Country. Winky's Walkway must be finished to access this level.


The level warp allows quick completion of the stage.

It is the first mine cart level, and will have Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong riding an unstoppable mine cart through a long series of mine rails. It's also technically the first level set in a mine, as it uses the graphics for mine levels, but not the Misty Menace music theme. Most of the rails are torn apart, meaning they will have to jump from rail to rail. The level is laid out for the Mine Cart to grab many bonuses at high risk of falling off the track. Also, several mine carts will be found abandoned on the rails as well, which will cause a Kong to lose a life on contact. Not to mention, the Kremling enemies Krash are found in this level; they are Kritters on mine carts heading straight for Donkey and Diddy Kong.

A famous shortcut involves the Kongs jumping over the starting launching barrel at the beginning of the level, jumping over on purpose, and falling to the left into a warp barrel. The Game Boy Advance version retconned this into being one of the Warp Barrel shortcuts. Also in the GBA version, DK and Diddy can find a camera near the Warp Barrel that will add a picture to their Scrapbook.

Getting to the end of this stage will allow the duo to proceed to the stage Bouncy Bonanza.



  • Animal Token: Enguarde's is found after the "O" letter where the track goes up and suddenly travels down; The player must jump when going down to reach a sideways floating rail to get it.
  • Bananas: 86
  • Camera (GBA): Obtained by jumping over the initial Barrel Cannon, and down to the level shortcut.
  • DK Barrels: 2
  • Extra Life Balloon: A Red Extra Life Ballon is in this stage, and is a tricky one to get. It's obtained by jumping over the first Krash and making an early jump to the next platform to land on the below one.
Donkey Kong jumps over a mine cart and toward the "N" Letter.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Found by jumping the first gap on the Mine Cart.
    • O: After an early slanted sideways gap.
    • N: Found along the way of the first few abandoned mine carts.
    • G: A short distance after the fifth Krash.
  • Star Barrel: On the floating rail-platform after the Enguarde animal token.
  • Warp Barrel: Jump over the starting auto-fire barrel, fall below it, and move a little to the left.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Color

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  • This level is considered harder than Mine Cart Madness, a later level found in the game. Mine Cart Carnage even has greater length than the latter level.
  • In the Japanese version of the game, some of the crashed Mine Carts were removed from the level to make it easier.

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