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Manic Mincers

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ExitIsNearSign.png Manic Mincers ExitSign.png
World Chimp Caverns
Type Cave
Theme Cave Dweller Concert
Notable features Mincers
Bonus level(s) 3
Animal Buddies Rambi
Enemies encountered Mincers, Krushas, Gnawtys

Game Donkey Kong Country

Manic Mincers is the second level of Chimp Caverns, and is the 30th level overall in Donkey Kong Country. In order to play this level, Tanked Up Trouble must be finished.


The heroes jump between two moving Mincers.

As the title implies, this level features the Mincer obstacle, and as per their usual implementations, in large quantities. From early in the level, the spinning spike-ball Mincers can be found. A couple of Gnawty minions can also be found along the way. Most of the level's difficulty, however, comes from the Mincer obstacles and how they move. Similar to Poison Pond, the spikeballs hover horizontally, vertically, and clockwise. Most are found together, and quick feet are needed to avoid them. Rambi the Rhinoceros makes his last appearance in the game in this level, to help Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong throughout a majority of the level. He can run faster than the Kongs, jump a little higher, and use his horn to get rid of any Gnawty minions, or even the occasional Krusha. The Mincers cannot be harmed. Rambi can also be used to reveal bonus rooms.

Completion of this stage leads to Misty Mine.

Animal Buddies


  • Mincer: 33 (Three more Mincers are found in the "Find the Exit" bonus area; in the GBA remake there's four. )
  • Krusha: 4
  • Gnawty: 12
  • Klap Trap: 3 in the "Bash the Baddies" bonus area.


Diddy runs toward the "G" Letter
  • Barrels:
  • Extra Life Balloon: 2 Red, in bonus rooms.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Underneath a vertical floating Mincer.
    • O: In the middle of two Mincers.
    • N: After a Krusha, and above a floating platform.
    • G: At the end of a bonus room. It is the bonus room with the opening already there.

Bonus Levels

  • Bash the Baddies: After the Star Barrel, there's an alcove with a Krusha in it. Take a nearby barrel or Rambi and slam into the wall on the lower ledge. Inside, stomping on the three Klaptraps three times each will reward a Red Extra Life Ballon.
  • Find the Exit: This one's a cave in plain sight near the end. Inside, run under the four Mincers and get the G. There's a sound oddity in the SNES version: Cave Dweller Concert plays inside the bonus stage instead of Bonus Room Blitz.
  • Stop the Barrel: At the end of the level, there are two Mincers. A Kong must throw a barrel on the wall to the left of them. (For some odd reason in the GBC version, this level's entry and exit were switched, so DK and Diddy must throw the barrel on the wall to the right of them.) The Red Balloon will flash in four barrels and the Kongs must choose the barrel where it stopped.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Advance


  • In the Game Boy Advance remake, the "Find the Exit" bonus area was made slightly harder by adding an additional Mincer.

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