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Trick Track Trek

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ExitIsNearSign.png Trick Track Trek ExitSign.png
World Kremkroc Industries Inc.
Type Walkway
Theme Life in the Mines
File:DKC Life in the Mines.ogg

Bonus level(s) 3

Enemies encountered Zingers, Gnawtys, Kritters, Krusha Klumps, Neckys, Mini Neckys Klap Traps, Manky Kong

Game Donkey Kong Country

Trick Track Trek is the second level of Kremkroc Industries Inc., the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country.


Diddy jumps over a Mini-Necky's projectile.

Trick Track Trek is a level where a platform must be rode in order to advance to the end. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will begin the level on a walkway, and can advance to find a black platform on what appears to be a rail. Upon jumping on the platform, it will move. While the duo are on the platform, they should be wary of a plethora of Necky enemies that will fly in their general direction, in addition to Mini Necky that spit nuts at them, and also of various enemy that will walk off higher walkways and onto the platform. The platform's movement speed may change depending on what obstacle is being faced; For example, if a Necky is perched out of reach above the heroes and is throwing nut projectiles from above, the platform will slow down to allow DK/Diddy to dodge the projectile.

At the end of the level, a Manky Kong guards the way to a Bonus Level, down and to the left of where it stands. The level Elevator Antics proceeds this stage in the Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color verisons of DKC. In the Game Boy Advance version, Poison Pond is after this stage.



Diddy jumps for the "N" Letter
  • Animal Token: 1 for Winky
  • Bananas: 52 (not counting bonus)
  • Barrels:
  • Extra Life Balloons (all colors): Bonus stage only.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Under a perched Necky tossing nuts below. The platform will slow down to accommodate it.
    • O: Above a trio of Neckies which must be jumped off to reach.
    • N: Under another perched Necky who tosses nuts, this on being after the second Klump encountered.
    • G: Guarded by an encircling Zinger.

Bonus Levels

The "Bash the Baddies!" bonus level.
  • Collect the Bananas: When the first platform reaches the end of its line, a Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong must perform a roll jump in order to access the in-plain-sight Bonus Barrel. Inside, an elevator moves on a square invisible track past some bananas.
  • Bash the Baddies: When the second platform reaches two Gnawties, a DK/Diddy must roll jump off the platform and onto the Gnawties. Then they must roll jump into the Bonus Barrel. Inside, DK and Diddy have to stomp on a purple Klaptrap ten times. The Klaptrap will jump whenever the lead Kong jumps.
  • Stop the Barrel: The Kongs must roll into the Manky Kong at the end and fall off his ledge. They'll be on a floating metal platform with a Bonus Barrel to the left. Inside, there are three barrels that cycle through all the balloon colors. The Kongs must match three colors to win a balloon of the color shown.


Super Nintendo

Game Boy Advance


  • Due to the nature of the platform, this level is considered to be among the longest in the game, and thus difficult to complete quickly for fan speed-runs that do not use warps. In the Game Boy Advance remake, the time required for the best rank in DK Attack is 3:19.
  • The level has the most variety of enemies in Donkey Kong Country, with ten enemies of the cast present at least one (if counting the red jumping Klaptrap as a separate enemy).
  • In the Japanese version of the game, the moving platforms remain on their tracks at the end instead of falling off.

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