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Poison Pond

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PoisonPond SNES 4.png
World Kremkroc Industries Inc.
Type Underwater
Theme Aquatic Ambiance
Notable features Poisonous water.
Bonus level(s) None
Animal Buddies Enguarde
Enemies encountered Mincers, Bitesizes, Chomps Jr.s, Chomps, Squidges

Game Donkey Kong Country
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Poison Pond is the fourth level (third in the Game Boy Advance release) of Kremkroc Industries Inc., the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country.


Diddy Kong finds Enguarde's animal crate.

Poison Pond is considered the most difficult underwater level in the game, and is also considered the "black sheep" of the aquatic levels due to the water itself; due to the pollution of the factories, the Pond has been contaminated green. The setting is generally gloomy as a result. Although, in the Game Boy Color port, the Pond was made a brighter green, losing this atmospheric effect.

The level starts out in the bottom left corner of the Pond. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must get through the labyrinth-like waters to reach the upper left corner of the area to finish it. Directly to the bottom left of the level start is a go-through area with Enguarde the Swordfish, which can help make the level easier. This level is riddled with Bitesize and Chomps Jr., and Enguarde can use his bill stab to take care of them. However, one major obstacle makes this level quite difficult; the Mincers found throughout cannot be stopped by Enguarde.

The Mincers are spinning spike-balls, dangerous to touch, and some move in patterns. They are the main hazard of the level. Mincers must be avoided and usually go right in the way of the heroes as they progress. The spikeballs move horizontally, vertically, and even clockwise. Having Enguarde can make dodging them easier. Also implemented to help avoid Mincers, there are some safe areas above and below mobile Mincers.

Also in the level are some secret areas found by making detours off the main route. For example, in some areas the Chomps Jr. guard a thin area leading up to a Banana Bunch. In addition, there is another Enguarde crate available about halfway through the level found in a hidden area, to the bottom right of the banana trail curving up after the Star Barrel. A second go-through area is found above the first trio of moving Mincers. Finally, in the room past the "N", going left will reveal a room with Expresso's Animal Token as well as a shortcut.


Animal Buddies

  • Enguarde the Swordfish: Found in two separate locations;
    • At the very start of the level, go to the bottom left to access a go-through area containing Enguarde.
    • Alternatively, about halfway through the level, a detour from the main route into a hidden area has the Crate for Enguarde. Guarded by a Chomps Jr.


DK finds a photograph.
  • Animal Tokens:
    • Rambi: 1, in a hidden go-through area about the moving trio of Mincers.
    • Expresso: 1, past the "N", keep going west until the duo go through the wall. Also a shortcut.
  • Barrels:
  • Extra Life Balloon: 1, in the Rambi Animal Token area.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Directly north from the start of the level.
    • O: Found after some Mincers past the second DK Barrel. Hard to miss.
    • N: In a small "safe area" above a moving Mincer, after the trio of Mincers in a circle.
    • G: In the area with the large Bitesize swarm.
  • Photograph: In the Game Boy Advance port, a photo of Squidge can be obtained. In the segment where two Mincers move in and out of alcoves, the heroes should sneak in one of them, where the item can be found.


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