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On & Off Barrel

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DKBarrelsprite.png On & Off Barrel DKBarrelsprite.png
On & Off Barrels.png
Sprite of an Off Barrel and an On Barrel.
Usage To turn the lights in Loopy Lights on and off.
Location Loopy Lights
Game appearances Donkey Kong Country

On & Off Barrels are a type of barrel in Donkey Kong Country. As their name suggests, On & Off Barrels have the words 'ON' and 'OFF' painted on to them respectively (the former is painted light green and the latter red). They only appear in the level Loopy Lights.

An 'ON' Barrel high above Donkey Kong.

On & Off Barrels, as their name might suggest, act as light switches. They are either on the ground or in mid-air. By default every On & Off Barrel in the level is set to the 'OFF' setting (when every barrel has 'OFF' painted on to them). When DK or Diddy touch an On & Off Barrel, every barrel in the level changes to the 'ON' setting (when every barrel has 'ON' painted on to them) and all of the lights turn on. This occurs for a few seconds.

As they progress through Loopy Lights, DK and Diddy have to continually switch the On & Off Barrels on to see in the level. Enemies are not easily visible when the barrels are set off.

On & Off Barrels are similar to Stop & Go Barrels in that they trigger the lights in a level and are exclusive to one level. The difference with Stop & Go Barrels is that they trigger the movements of Rockkroc and set Stop & Go Station's lights red and green respectively.

In the Game Boy Color re-release, Loopy Lights is not as dark when the On & Off Barrels are set off, but in the Game Boy Advance remake the level is tinted maroon when the barrels are set off, making Loopy Lights even less dark.