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Forest Frenzy

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ExitIsNearSign.png Forest Frenzy ExitSign.png
World Vine Valley
Type Forest
Theme Forest Frenzy
Notable features Ropes to cross abysses
Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Neckys, Zingers, Kritters

Game Donkey Kong Country

Forest Frenzy is the third level of Vine Valley in Donkey Kong Country, coming after Tree Top Town. In the soundtrack, the theme "Forest Frenzy" is named after this level.


Diddy hangs onto a rope in the "Collect the Prizes!" bonus stage.

Forest Frenzy entails Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will have to traversing the forest primarily with Ropes that, once grabbed, will move in a direction. They can move up and down the rope to reposition themselves. Obstacles mid-air include the Zinger and Necky enemies. Aside from rope maneuvering segments, there are brief walking portions where high-jumping Kritter enemies patrol the ground. The level Temple Tempest comes after this stage.



Donkey Kong ducks down near the Camera item, to the left.
  • Camera (GBA): A Camera is found immediately after the portion of the level with Necky enemies; Collecting it will add a picture for the Scrapbook.
  • DK Barrels: 4
  • Extra Life Balloon: 1 Red Extra Life Balloon is guarded by a fast circling Zinger.
  • K-O-N-G Letters
    • K: In a gap underneath a moving rope. Must roll jump to get safely.
    • O: Guarded by the second Zinger. The player must climb down at the right time in order to get behind the Zinger while a rope is moving.
    • N: Guarded by a circling Zinger shortly after two Kritters and a Necky.
    • G: Two Zingers should be flying in small circles near the proximity of the "G".
  • Star Barrel: After the huge group of Zingers, the Star Barrel should be on a lone platform.

Bonus Levels

  • Stop the Barrel: The first Bonus Barrel is found near the end of the level. In the portion of the level where the duo must dodge Necky enemies, the bonus barrel is barely visible at the bottom of the screen. In the stage, the reward for correctly guessing where the prize is a Rambi Animal Token.
  • Collect the Bananas: The previous bonus will deposit the Kongs on top of a fuzzy white weak spot, which they'll break for a barrel. This barrel must be carried up the nearby hill and back down again. The barrel must then be used to break a left wall near the exit sign. There are a few bouncing Kritters on the way over, so the player will have to occasionally put the barrel down and jump on them in order to progress. Inside the bonus room, there's a fast-moving rope that the Kongs should use to get all the bananas. There's also an Enguarde animal token at the end.


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