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Oil Drum Alley

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ExitIsNearSign.png Oil Drum Alley ExitSign.png
World Kremkroc Industries Inc.
Type Factory
Theme Fear Factory
Notable features First factory, has a bonus level inside a bonus level
Bonus level(s) 4
Animal Buddies Rambi
Enemies encountered Kritter, Gnawty, Manky Kong

Game Donkey Kong Country

Oil Drum Alley is the first level in Kremkroc Industries Inc., the fifth world of Donkey Kong Country. In order to access this stage, Really Gnawty must be defeated.


The duo ride on Rambi and jump over a Manky Kong's wooden barrel attack.

Oil Drum Alley is the first factory level that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will traverse. Throughout the entire stage, the level features Oil Barrels, which are barrels whose top bursts into and out of flames in a pattern. Some abysses will have to cross by jumping on top of these oil barrels. Aside from the oil barrels, DK and Diddy will have to get past high jumping Kritters, Gnawtys that patrol the ground, and a few Manky Kong enemies that throw Wooden Barrels. Some TNT Barrels are provided, and when thrown, they can destroy an oil barrel. Rambi the Rhinoceros makes an appearance in this level, its crate being found in a pit past the Star Barrel. Rambi can break open the entrance to a bonus stage, and will be hurt by flames if touched.

This level is infamous for containing a bonus level within a bonus level. In the second bonus level of Oil Drum Alley, Donkey/Diddy must time their jumps so that they can match three items displayed on barrels in order to obtain said item. Usually, players would be inclined to go for the Animal Token or Extra Life Balloon, as opposed to a Banana Bunch or a measly single Banana. However, getting a Banana in this particular bonus room will instead reward the heroes with a Wooden Barrel. They can bring this barrel to the right side of the room to reveal an entrance to an additional bonus stage. Note that they must jump against the wall in order to be able to go directly to the bonus stage; Throwing the barrel away from the wall will end the bonus stage prematurely.

There is a series of Oil Drums right before the end of the level, and their flames rapidly light and die out three times in a row. Finishing the stage gives way to Trick Track Trek.


Animal Buddies


Diddy Kong obtains a Red Extra Life Balloon in the first bonus stage.
  • Animal Token]: 1 for Winky.
  • Barrels:
  • Extra Life Balloons:
    • Red: 3 (all in bonus levels)
    • Green: 1 (bonus level)
    • Blue: 1 (bonus level)
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: After the second set of a pair of Kritters.
    • O: Above a flaming oil barrel - must use Tire to safely reach, or jump off a Kritter.
    • N: In the fourth bonus room.
    • G: After the series of levitating flaming oil barrels, the lead Kong must jump on a weak spot in the ground.

Bonus Levels

Diddy Kong accesses the bonus level within the second bonus level.
  • Collect the Bananas: The Kongs will find a rope near the beginning. They should jump on it. Then, when it stops moving, jump off the rope onto a black spot on the floor. A TNT Barrel pops out. A Kong should then throw the barrel at the first oil drum, then fall into the pit. Inside, the level is an exact copy of Snow Barrel Blast's second bonus, but with a red balloon at the top instead of a letter.
  • Stop the Barrel: After climbing up steps with Gnawties on them, the Kongs will find a lower ledge with a black spot on the floor. If they jump on that spot, another TNT barrel pops out. They should use this barrel to blow open the wall to their left. This level has barrels that cycle through bananas, banana bunches, red balloons, and Winky tokens. The Kongs need to get three bananas in this level, because if they do, they get a barrel that they can use to break open the entrance to the next bonus level, detailed below.
  • Spell it Out: In order to access this level, a Kong needs to grab the barrel from the previous bonus and be right up against the right wall when they use it; otherwise, the previous bonus stage will end and they'll be deposited right back in the main level. Inside this bonus, the Kongs must first spell "Donkey" for a red balloon. Next, they must spell out "Kong" for a green balloon, and finally, "Country", for a blue balloon.
  • Find the Exit: Found underneath a floating oil drum. The bonus level consists of moving Barrel Cannons that always point right. DK and Diddy must blast through them. the "N" Letter is obtained through this bonus stage.


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