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Bramble Blast (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Bramble Blast ExitSign.png
World Krazy Kremland
Type Bramble
Theme Stickerbush Symphony

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Squawks
Enemies encountered Flitter

Game Donkey Kong Land 2

Bramble Blast is a bramble level and the third level of Krazy Kremland in Donkey Kong Land 2. Rickety Race comes after this level.


Diddy gets launched out of a barrel cannon.

This level involves Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong entering Barrel Cannons to get launched into other barrel cannons until the end of the level. Once entered, the barrel will rotate, and must be manually fired. If either Kong is launched into the spiky bramble thicket, they will be defeated. Some Zinger enemies will be in the line of fire, and they must be avoided. This level is tricky, but some Bananas will help guide the way; getting launched in the direction of a floating banana is always a good thing. Deviating from the banana trail's path will more often than not lead to getting injured, but can also lead to finding shortcuts or even hidden items.

Squawks the Parrot is briefly playable in a Bonus Level towards the end of the level. He must avoid the bramble thorns and defeat some Zinger enemies with his nut spit attack.



Diddy lands near the "N" letter.
  • Banana Coin: 2
  • DK Barrels: 3
  • DK Coin: Obtained by shooting upwards on all the spinning barrels near the Star Barrel, then hopping across the wooden platforms and ignoring the last spinning barrel. Next, jump over it and jump over the brambles on the left until reaching a few barrels that lead to the DK Coin.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Found on the left path after descending a bit from the start.
    • O: Found past an Auto-Fire Barrel segment; after being blasted to the part where the Kongs can choose where to be launched, they must go south and then east.
    • N: A Barrel Cannon to the left of a DK Barrel will launch the Kongs towards the "N".
    • G: In the area where a banana trail suggests to go left, go northeast to get the "G"
  • No Animal Sign: 1

Bonus Levels

  • Find The Token! -- Diddy/Dixie will have twenty seconds to get to the end of a bramble segment. There are some wooden platforms to jump on and a few barrel cannons to blast out of. At the end, there is a lone Zinger that must be avoided.
  • Destroy them All! -- The heroes must transform into Squawks to defeat some Zingers in the area within thirty seconds. If they fail this bonus level, they will return to the level as Squawks, and can simply fly back into the Bonus Barrel to give it another try.


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