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Mainbrace Mayhem (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Mainbrace Mayhem ExitSign.png
World Gangplank Galleon
Type Ship Deck
Theme Lockjaw's Saga

Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Click-Clack, Klinger, Neek, Klomp, Kruncha

Game Donkey Kong Land 2

Mainbrace Mayhem is the second level of Donkey Kong Land 2, named after the second level of Donkey Kong Country 2. It is similar in style, taking place on the upper parts of the Gangplank Galleon. It is after Pirate Panic, and before Gangplank Galley.


Diddy climbs a rope near a Zinger enemy.

The level begins on a mast on the Gangplank Galleon. Throughout the level, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong must navigate to the top of the level, by going up masts, crow's nests, and ropes. Along the ground sections, Click-Clacks, Neeks, and even Krunchas will harass them. During the rope climbing segments, Zingers and Klingers are common. There are some offbeat paths that the Kongs can take to find various things, such a the DK Coin, Bonus Barrel, or Banana Coin.



Dixie finds the "O"

Bonus Level

  • Collect the Stars! - Diddy/Dixie have twenty seconds to get twenty stars found in a segment of the ship. They will have to climb and jump on ropes to get them all.


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