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Lord Fredrik, the Snomad King

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Snowmad Leader - DKCTF.jpg
Lord Fredrik, as he appears in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.
Full Name Lord Fredrik, the Snowmad King
Residence Donkey Kong Island (formerly)
Species Waldough
Gender Male
Affiliates Snowmads
Powers/Abilities Creating tremors, shooting minions from his war horn, charge attacks
Enemies Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Lord Fredrik, the Snomad King is the boss of Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, as well as the sixth and final boss of the game.


Before the events of the game, Lord Fredrik was appointed as the leader of the Snomads (or possibly founded them): an army of vikings from the North Sea that was bent on conquering the world one island at a time. Having conquered the Lost Mangroves, Autumn Heights, Bright Savannah, Sea Breeze Cove, and Juicy Jungle, his army would later stumble upon DK Island. Eager to get his hands on some new territory, Fredrik ordered for his minions to bring him his magical horn, which he used to not only freeze the island over, but also get rid of any possible resistance. Afterwards, he parked his ship (which had the ability to fly) on top of the inactive volcano, creating himself a new lair, but it is unknown what he did before Donkey Kong and compnay eventually infiltrated his base and challenged him to a fight, which he obliged to. After a long battle, Fredrik was defeated by the Kongs and launched out of the volcano, destroying his fortress in the process, while his massive girth caused his remaining fleet of ships to capsize, effectively ending the reign of the Snomads.


Lord Fredrik appears mostly as a silhouette in the game's opening, with only his glowing blue eyes being visible. During Volcano Dome, he fully reveals himself to be a large and chunky Waldough with a thick amount of whiskers on his snout, which resembles a mustache and makes his tusks barely visible. His entire body is flabby, and often jiggles during his boss fight. For clothing, Fredrik wears a kilt which is held up with a belt with the Snowmads' insignia on it. He also wears a viking helmet and a fur cape on his back. The war horn that is given to him in the beginning of the game appears to be shrunken down, and is worn on a thin necklace around his neck, where it can be used at anytime by simply increasing its size when needed.


Lord Fredrik is greedy beyond belief, stopping at nothing to seize any piece of land he comes across by any means necessary, and possessing no qualms towards damaging the way of life of their inhabitants (or the inhabitants themselves). Unlike the other bosses in the game, he generally keeps his cool in most situations and doesn't have as much of a temper; he was completely unfazed when he found out that the Kongs had survived his attack and made it back to confront him, and accepted their challenge to a battle in a calm (albeit mocking) manner. He also comes off as rather cocky, openly laughing whenever he manages to hit the player and/or whenever they fail to damage him, and even laughing off the damage that he does take. Being referred to as "king" of the Snomads, Fredrik is also vain, waving dramatically when praised by his underlings and constantly adjusting his helmet, even in battle. In spite of his composed demeanor, however, Fredrik does tend to get easily frustrated when he is hit enough times, which will prompt him to attack much more quickly.

Powers and abilities

Lord Fredrik possesses incredible physical strength, being able to easily carry a horn almost as large as himself, and send platforms incredibly high or low simply by jumping on them. Despite his weight, he can also dash across the arena faster than the Kong Roll, jump considerable distances, and dodge projectiles relatively easily by hopping around. The horn he wields is highly magical and he appears to have complete control over it. It can blow out icy dragons that are not only capable of freezing over entire islands, but can also fly incredibly fast, create gusts of wind that can blow large animals a long distance away, and create slippery patches of ice upon impact with a solid object. The horn can also shoot frozen Tucks and Fluffs that thaw out upon hitting the ground.