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Treasure Chest

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DKBarrelsprite.png Treasure Chest DKBarrelsprite.png
Chest and Crate.png

A chest and a crate.
Usage Breaks and reveals an item upon collision with an enemy
Location Crocodile Isle
Game appearances Donkey Kong Country 2
Donkey Kong Land 2
Donkey Kong Country Returns

Treasure Chests are an item introduced in Donkey Kong Country 2. Each chest conceals a specific item inside themselves, such as a Banana Bunch a Banana Bunch Coin, or an Extra Life Balloon. Treasure Chests may also store kannonballs, an item that can be thrown in to a kannon to enter a Bonus Level.

Diddy and Dixie can only obtain a Treasure Chest's protected item by breaking it. Treasure Chests break if tossed at a foe. In some Bonus Levels, a Treasure Chest must be tossed at an enemy numerous times to relinquish a Kremkoin. Treasure Chests act somewhat like barrels except they do not bounce and lose momentum when they fall on the ground. A darker variation also appears in the game, usually in castle levels.

Treasure Chests reappear in Donkey Kong Land 2 with an identical role to Donkey Kong Country 2's. Their darker variation is absent in this game, however.

Their most recent appearance is in the Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns.