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Monkey Flip

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Monkey Flip
Monkey Flip Diddy Kong Brawl.png

Diddy Kong performing the Monkey Flip.
Games Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Input Left or Right + B
Origin Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Monkey Flip is a special attack in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4, used by Diddy Kong.


With the Monkey Flip, Diddy Kong somersaults forwards, in a way that can be used for returning to the stage area. The move also has offensive purposes. The first of these is where Diddy Kong can latch onto an opponent, and then either hit them, or jump off of them. The other means of offense through this move is by pressing the attack button while Diddy Kong is somersaulting, where he will stretch into a kick.


Diddy Kong does not use the move in any Donkey Kong games; however, in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong used a similar maneuver to grab and pummel enemies.

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