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Crocodile Cauldron

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Bananacoin-dkcr.png Crocodile Cauldron Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Greater location Crocodile Isle
Levels Hot-Head Hop
Kannon's Klaim
Lava Lagoon
Red-Hot Ride
Squawks's Shaft
Boss level: Kleever's Kiln
Boss Kleever
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 2

Crocodile Cauldron is a volcanic mountain range and the second world of Donkey Kong Country 2. It is available after defeating the boss of the Gangplank Galleon, Krow.


Crocodile Cauldron features a large, prominent stratovolcano at the top of the area, and a collection of smaller volcanoes littering the rest of the area. In addition, there is a large galleon near the large volcano submerged in lava. The ship may be evidence that the Cauldron was once a regular sea, but a series of volcano eruptions turned the area into a lava-filled world. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong will have to navigate through dangerous lava areas, the sunken ship, and the mine shafts filled with gems that the Kremling Krew appear to be mining. Crocodile Cauldron has two levels that entail the heroes traversing the volcanic ground, two that involve them navigating the mine shafts that the Kremlings set up, and one level that has them exploring the sunken ship.