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Risky Reef

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ExitIsNearSign.png Risky Reef ExitSign.png
World Aqua World
Type Underwater
Theme Risky Reef
Notable features First underwater level
Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Lockjaw, Shuri

Game DK: King of Swing
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Risky Reef is one of the first levels in Aqua World, the other being Lockjaw Falls. Finishing this level leads to Kremling Kamp


Donkey Kong near two Shuri

Risky Reef, being the first underwater level, starts off in a tame setting. Here, Donkey Kong will be jumping between pegs at a slower rate because of the weight of being underwater. He can also better influence his direction mid jump. Additionally in this level, underwater are where Lockjaw enemies encountered. They will try to attack DK upon seeing him, but they do not persist the attack and are vulnerable from behind. Near the end of the first part of the level is a Bonus Barrel.

In the second part of the level, Donkey Kong must advance through a narrow path with Shuri enemies in the way. Shuri are starfish that spin around an area. They can be defeated with a charge attack. Also in this area are various Wooden Barrels that can be broken to reveal Bananas.

The final segment of the stage is an open area. Lockjaws are found throughout and DK can explore the area, by destroying the ? Barrels to reveal pegs to be climbed on to reach new areas. In fact, the level's Bronze Medal is obtained by taking a path revealed by a ? Barrel to the northwest corner of the area. Several Banana Bunches are found in the southeastern corner of the area.


Bonus Level

  • Found near the exit to the first part of the stage, guarded by a Lockjaw. In the stage, Donkey Kong has forty seconds to get Banana Bunches strung over various pegs underwater.


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