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Necky's Canyon

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ExitIsNearSign.png Necky's Canyon ExitSign.png
World Wild West World
Type Canyon
Theme Necky's Canyon
Notable features Stones
Bonus level(s) None

Enemies encountered Mini-Necky

Game DK: King of Swing

Necky's Canyon is one of the first levels available in Wild West World after defeating Congazuma. The other available level is Cactus Woods. Treacherous Twister proceeds this level.


Donkey Kong near some worn out pegs, a Mini-Necky, and a stone.

Necky's Canyon starts off in a small area where the path onward is sealed off by stone blocks. Donkey Kong will have to climb on to the nearby peg, then grab a stone, and release the stone to do damage to the stone blocks. This is the main mechanic of the level; DK will have to throw stones at Mini-Necky enemies throughout the stage, and also at Wooden Barrels to break them. Some of the Mini-Necky will spit nuts in a direction, while others will simply fly around.

The second part of the level is a vertical area where Donkey Kong can defeat Mini-Neckies with a stone throw or charge attack. It's usually a better idea to throw stones though. In the third and final area, it is a horizontal area, where some pegs are noticeably decrepit. The pegs will break away shortly after climbing them. Thus, Donkey Kong will have to be quick in climbing them.

The level has a Silver Medal located at the bottom of the third area; A lone Necky will be guarding a wooden barrel below, and a stone will be provided to take care of the Necky and the barrel. Also, an Arrow Barrel is provided as transportation around the area, to pick up the medal and also to fly around. The level's Crystal Coconut is found by taking the arrow barrel to the northwest corner of the area and throwing a stone at the wooden barrel containing the coconut. Landing the shot may be tricky but is doable. Afterward, it can be directed to go to the exit.



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