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Kremling Kamp

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ExitIsNearSign.png Kremling Kamp ExitSign.png
World Aqua World
Type Docks
Theme Risky Reef

Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Kritter

Game DK: King of Swing

Kremling Kamp is a level in Aqua World. It proceeds Risky Reef.


DK defeats a Kritter

The stage begins with some peg climbing, to get over a wall of bouncy tires and to the northeast corner of the area. Donkey Kong must avoid the Kritters found and break the Wooden Barrels to proceed in the stage. There is also a bonus stage northwest of the exit of this area. The second area involves Donkey Kong breaking ? Barrels to make peg boards appear. Stones are provided to do so. Some Kritters will be encountered on pegs as well. One of the ? Barrels has several spike balls surrounding it, posing as an obtrusion for throwing the stones. The final area has Donkey Kong going upward on moving peg boards. Bats and Kritter are found near the boards. Also, a Silver Medal can be found in between two spike balls prior to the exit.


Bonus Level

  • Found northeast of the exit of the first area, has a Kritter guarding it. In the stage, Donkey Kong must get the bananas in the area within fifty seconds. There are a plethora of bananas to be found midair, and DK can grab onto the spinning pegs provided and be launched up to get them. For the best results, have DK jump all the way to the top and fall down onto the bananas. The Crystal Coconut is in the upper right hand corner.


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