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Davy Bones

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Davy Bones from DK: King of Swing

Residence Aqua World
Species Eel

Powers/Abilities Lunging
Enemies Donkey Kong
Games DK: King of Swing

Davy Bones is a skeletal eel and the third boss of DK: King of Swing. It is encountered in Davy Bones' Locker of the Aqua World. It's name is a pun on a well-known folklore: Davy Jones' Locker.


Davy Bones will swim around its lair when Donkey Kong enters. After, it will peek its head out of one of the holes in the wall, glaring at DK, and then lunge in the direction it is looking after a few seconds. When Bones fully emerges from the hole, it will swim around for a short time before retreating back into a hole and prepare to lunge at Donkey Kong again. During the period of time when it emerges and swims around, Donkey has to grab hold of the stub of Bones' tail, and then throw him at spikes.

Bones guarded a DK Coin, which Donkey Kong will obtain by defeating him. Defeating Davy Bones and having the two silver and two bronze medals of the area will unlock Climbing Race 3 to the single and multiplayer Jungle Jams.