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Sassy Squatch

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Sassy Squatch - DK King of Swing.png

Residence Ice World
Species Sasquatch
Affiliates King K. Rool
Enemies Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Games DK: King of Swing

Sassy Squatch is the fourth boss of DK: King of Swing. It resides at the Ice World, and is a large sasquatch composed of ice.


Donkey Kong throws a bomb at Sassy Squatch.

In the battle, Donkey Kong will begin the battle on a plain of ice, with some peg boards above. He should jump to them as soon as possible, because Sassy Squatch will emerge from the ground, with only its head and two arms appearing. The fight consists of Donkey Kong climbing upward, needing to outrace Sassy Squatch's advance, and getting to the top of the area where two bombs are provided.

DK must grab a bomb and toss it into Sassy Squatch's open mouth to inflict damage. After a successfully tossed bomb, Sassy will glow red, smoke will come out of it, and it will "vomit" out a stream of ice that become pegs. Contacting the stream of ice before they become pegs will damage Donkey Kong and freeze him momentarily.

Upon damaging Sassy Squatch five times, it will be defeated, and the Gold Medal is awarded. Getting a Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal within Ice World unlocks Obstacle Race 3 in single and multi player jungle jams.


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