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Cold Cold Forest

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ExitIsNearSign.png Cold Cold Forest ExitSign.png
World Ice World
Type Snow
Theme Tropical Treetops
Notable features Rotatable Barrel
Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Mini Necky

Game DK: King of Swing

Cold Cold Forest is one of the levels initially available in Ice World, the other being Raging Ravine. Finishing this level leads to Underwater Ruins.


Donkey Kong beneath a Rotatable Barrel

The first area of the level is a simple peg climbing segment where Donkey Kong must throw stones at Mini-Necky enemies that either block the way or spit out projectiles. The second area involves Donkey Kong using Rotatable Barrels to progress. Once entered, they can be aimed with "L" and "R", and upon hitting both buttons at the same time, DK will be launched out. Necky enemies serve as obstacles in this segment. Also, a ? Barrel can be broken by being launched into it to reveal a small peg board near the exit of this area.

The third and final portion of the stage is relatively lengthy. The bottom half of the room has several pegs leading up, with various Tires obstructing pathways up. Donkey Kong has to climb up while avoiding contact with the tires; Touching one will bounce him off course, and potentially into the other tires. Two Mini Necky are at the bottom of the area, and defeating them will reveal a Banana Bunch. Beyond the first peg climbing segment, the second half of the area involves Donkey Kong getting up via individual pegs in between barrel cannons that, when entered, will launch DK back to the start of the second area. Also, the level's Bonus Barrel is found northwest of this segment.

The level's silver medal is in a Wooden Barrel above the exit of the second area. A Crystal Coconut is acquired by completing the bonus stage in the third area.


Bonus Level

  • Found west of the level's exit in the third area. In the stage, Donkey has forty seconds to get all of the bananas in the area. Rotatable barrels are provided to get them all. The Crystal Coconut will appear in the top right corner of the stage. DK can utilize the rotatable barrel in the top left corner to get to the exit.


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