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Cactus Woods

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ExitIsNearSign.png Cactus Woods ExitSign.png
World Wild West World
Type Forest
Theme Tropical Treehouse
Notable features Zingers and Click-Clacks
Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Flitter, Zinger, Click-Clack

Game DK: King of Swing

Cactus Woods is one of the first levels available in Wild West World after defeating Congazuma, other level being Necky's Canyon. Madcap Mine is after this level.


Donkey Kong near some Zinger

The first part of the level is a straightforward peg climbing segment, with Flitter flying around and a Bonus Barrel to be found before the end of the area. The second part of the level features Zinger enemies, and also has a Silver Medal obtainable by breaking a Wooden Barrel housing it, near some spikes. This area can be treacherous because of the narrow pathways and dangerous Zingers that cannot be harmed from their backs. An attack to the front of their body is needed to defeat them.

The final area of the level is a peg climbing segment with Click-Clack, beetle enemies that will go after Donkey Kong and cannot be attacked from the front. Given the fact that they are usually looking directly at DK, they can be hard to defeat.


Bonus Level

  • Found near the exit of the first area. Donkey Kong will have thirty seconds to get all of the bananas in an area full of bouncy tires. A Crystal Coconut will be rewarded for doing so.


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