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Tropical Treetops (DK: King of Swing)

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ExitIsNearSign.png Tropical Treetops ExitSign.png
World Jungle World
Type Jungle
Theme Tropical Treehouse
Notable features Moving pegs
Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Flitter

Game DK: King of Swing

For the level in DK: Jungle Climber, see Tropical Treetops (DK: Jungle Climber)

Tropical Treetops is a level of Jungle World in DK: King of Swing. It is one of the levels available after finishing Banana Bungalow, the other being Contraption Cave.


DK defeats a Flitter

Tropical Treetops is a jungle level similar to Banana Bungalow. The level begins with straightforward peg climbing, with some Flitter flying about. Like before, they can be defeated with a charge attack, executed by holding down both "L" and "R", glowing red, and then releasing.

The second segment of the area is some more peg climbing, but with a twist; Some of the pegs will be arranged in a circular pattern that revolve around a point. Also near the end of the second segment of the stage is the Bonus Barrel, found in plain sight to the left of the exit.

The final part of the level involves Donkey Kong climbing up several peg boards, with some that move either vertically or horizontally. There are notably more Flitter in this segment than the other two. Right before the exit to the level, there is a Wooden Barrel that can be broken to receive a Bronze Medal.


Bonus Level

  • The Bonus Barrel is to the left of the exit to the second part of the level. In the bonus level, twenty five seconds are given to gather all 19 Bananas in the area, spread across some peg boards. DK will have to be quick to gather them all.


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