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Ice Castle

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ExitIsNearSign.png Ice Castle ExitSign.png
World Ice World
Type Snow
Theme Contraption Cave
Notable features Frozen peg boards
Bonus level(s) 1

Enemies encountered Kritter

Game DK: King of Swing

Ice Castle is a level within Ice World. It is accessed by finishing either Raging Ravine or Underwater Ruins.


Kritter throws a stone at Donkey Kong.

The level starts off by introducing icy peg boards that will make Donkey Kong slide when grabbed. He must slide up to the wooden crates and break them to proceed. Then, he must grab onto two pegs in a corner, use a charge attack to break another wooden crate, and pull a lever to make a peg board appear to access the final part of the first level. DK must spin on a valve, like in Contraption Cave. Spinning the wrong way can lead into a spike trap. Also, the Bonus Barrel for this level is above the area's exit.

The second part of Ice Castle has Kritter enemies that will actually throw stones at Donkey Kong. Luckily, DK is provided stones to attack them back. Some icy peg boards above the area can be reached, leading to a ? Barrel to reveal more peg boards to easier get up to the area, and an Arrow Barrel for Donkey Kong to travel around the top of the area for Bananas.

The final portion of Ice castle is DK climbing up some peg boards, some with ice and some without. Kritters are again found, but without stones. A ? Barrel is found before the level exit, and when broken, makes a peg board appear that leads to a Gold Medal.


Bonus Level

  • Found above the exit of the first area. In the stage, DK has thirty seconds to gather the bananas in the area. They're strung across icy peg boards which shape a diagonal "8". Donkey Kong must take advantage of his ability to slide to get them all.


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