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K. Kruizer III Engine

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ExitIsNearSign.png K. Kruizer III Engine ExitSign.png
World K. Kruizer III
Type K. Kruizer Interior
Theme K. Kruizer III
Notable features Booster Barrel
Bonus level(s) None

Enemies encountered Cannons

Game DK: King of Swing

K. Kruizer III Engine is the penultimate level of K. Kruizer III in DK: King of Swing, following the level K. Kruizer III Hull. The next level is the confrontation with King K. Rool.


The second part of the level

The first part of the level has Donkey Kong breaking ? Barrels in a sequence in order to advance. They are found all throughout the area, on and above peg boards with cannons and spike balls acting as obstacles. Breaking one ? Barrel will reveal another one somewhere else, until eventually all are broken and the pathway to a lever is made available. The level's Crystal Coconut is in a Wooden Barrel above a ? Barrel in the uppermost left corner of the room, so the top of the ? Barrel should be used as a platform for DK to do a charge attack and break the wooden barrel.

The second area of the level has Donkey Kong climbing fast moving individual pegs throughout his upward climb. Spike balls return as obstacles. There is a large abyss under the area, with the only walk-able surfaces being at the beginning and at the very end. Similarly to the previous segment, a lever must be pulled to access the exit of the level. A Gold Medal can be obtained by riding a Booster Barrel to an area in the upper left corner of the area. Getting a bronze, silver, and gold medal in K. Kruizer III will unlock Climbing Race 4 in single and multi player Jungle Jams.


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