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Underwater Ruins

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ExitIsNearSign.png Underwater Ruins ExitSign.png
World Ice World
Type Water
Theme Risky Reef

Bonus level(s) None

Enemies encountered Lockjaw, Shuri

Game DK: King of Swing
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Underwater Ruins is a stage in Ice World. It is available after finishing Cold Cold Forest or Ice Castle.


Donkey Kong finds a Bronze Medal.

The Underwater Ruins begins with Donkey Kong having to climb pegs that come floating out of a hole in the ground. He will then encounter Shuri on peg boards. After going upward, Lockjaw can be seen. DK doesn't have to engage the Lockjaws and can simply go to the next part of the level, but if he continues west of the area's exit, he will find a ? Barrel that, when destroyed, will open a path to a Wooden Barrel containing a Bronze Medal.

The second part of the level has Donkey Kong pulling a lever with one hand to separate two walls pushed together, similar to Puzzling Pyramid. Beyond the first lever separating two walls, there is a second lever doing the same thing, but with a twist -- A lever that requires two hands to be pulled down is found in the middle of the separated walls. Upon pulling the middle lever, a peg board will be revealed above, allowing DK to progress.

In the final part of Underwater Ruins, levers must be pulled to make peg boards appear, move peg boards, or open a path. Lockjaw and Shuri enemies are encountered here. In the large open space where three Shuri are unleashed via pulling a lever, one of them has a Crystal Coconut.



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