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Ice World

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Bananacoin-dkcr.png Ice World Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Ice World.
Levels Cold Cold Forest
Raging Ravine
Underwater Ruins
Ice Castle
Boss: Sassy Squatch's Lair
Boss Sassy Squatch
Game(s) DK: King of Swing

Ice World is the fourth world in DK: King of Swing. It is a snowscape east of Aqua World and below K. Kruizer III.


The west side of Ice World has a large ravine and an icy forest. Donkey Kong will explore these areas in Raging Ravine and Cold Cold Forest, respectively. In the northern part of the world, there is a large frozen castle which is so high up it features an aurora light display in the sky, and is referred to as the Ice Castle. In front of the castle is a large body of water which houses the ruins of what appears to be another castle, and is fittingly labeled Underwater Ruins. The southeast corner is where the area boss resides, being Sassy Squatch, with its own lair.


Level Description
Cold Cold Forest
The first stage of Ice World has Donkey Kong encountering Mini-Necky enemies and utilizing Rotatable Barrels and ? Barrels. The last area of the level has DK climb up a long vertical stretch with bouncy tires and barrel cannons as obstacles.
Raging Ravine
Rotatable Barrels must be used to advance in the initial part of the stage. Beyond that, Raging Ravine introduces the bomb items, which can be picked up like stones and thrown at chunks of ice or ? Barrels to destroy them. A Kritter enemy is encountered who will throw bombs at a platform to its left.
Underwater Ruins
Donkey Kong explores the remains of a derelict sunken castle. Levers are used throughout the stage to open pathways and progress. Shuri and Lockjaw are found aplenty while in the area.
Ice Castle
Ice Castle has Donkey Kong climbing on frozen peg boards to get upward at the start. He will have to turn valves, using levers, and throwing stones at enemies throughout the stage.
Sassy Squatch's Lair
The battle with Sassy Squatch calls for Donkey Kong to quickly climb up the area, grab a bomb, and toss it into the monster's mouth. Upon swallowing a bomb, it will spit up an icy attack and make pegs that DK can climb up to proceed upward.