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Puzzling Pyramid

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ExitIsNearSign.png Puzzling Pyramid ExitSign.png
World Jungle World
Type Pyramid
Theme Banana Bungalow
Notable features Valves, pull-able lever
Bonus level(s) None

Enemies encountered Neek, Kritter, Flitter

Game DK: King of Swing

Puzzling Pyramid is the penultimate level of Jungle World in DK: King of Swing. It is made available after finishing Contraption Cave or Tropical Treetops. The boss battle with Congazuma is after this stage.


Kritter cranks the lever.

Puzzling Pyramid is similar to Contraption Cave, where valves must be spun to progress in the stage. Spinning a valve will cause a peg board or obstacle to revolve or move. Donkey Kong will have to use valves throughout the entirety of the level. Neek and Flitter are encountered in the first two areas, and a Kritter in the third and final area.

In the third area, a Kritter will be encountered pullinga lever repeatedly. As the lever is cranked, two walls blocking the pegboards upward will separate. After defeating the Kritter, DK can hold on to a peg near the lever with his left hand, and repeatedly pullthe lever itself with his right hand in order to open up the passageway upward. Also in the final area, a Silver Medal can be obtained by breaking a Wooden Barrel right before the level exit.



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