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Kremlantis (level)

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For the eponymous world in the same game, see Kremlantis (world).
ExitIsNearSign.png Kremlantis ExitSign.png
World Kremlantis
Type Underwater
Theme Aquatic Ambiance
Notable features Features two level exits
Bonus level(s) N/A

Enemies encountered Chomps, Fangfish, Snapper

Game Donkey Kong Land

Kremlantis is the second level of the eponymous world in Donkey Kong Land. It proceeds Tricky Temple, and is also the game's first water level.


A Chomps Jr. swims near Diddy Kong.

Kremlantis takes place in the underwater ruins of the area. Several pillars and ceilings that had once been large buildings and coliseums are now sunken and damaged. As the first "true" water level of the game, it is mostly swimming through the level while avoiding obstacles and enemies. Kremlantis introduces a majority of the aquatic enemy cast. Chomps returns from Donkey Kong Country, again swimming around as a large shark enemy, usually in narrow areas. The Fangfish is a new enemy comparable to the Bitesize enemy of DKC—docile fish who swim in horizontal patterns. Notably, some Fangfish swim near pillars which conceal their location, but they do appear after a second. Lastly the Snapper enemies use their claws as means of attack; they rise up while snapping and then float down. They serve to hinder access to certain areas and correct timing is needed to get by them.

The level has two exits at the end. Going past the first one will lead to an area with several Bananas and two Kong Tokens. Getting through either exit will unlock the next level, Reef Rampage.



Donkey Kong swims toward the "G" Letter.
  • Barrels:
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: In a pit underneath the second Snapper.
    • O: Underneath a different Snapper, though this Snapper is closer to the floor.
    • N: Right after the checkpoint, the "N" is at the bottom of a pit with the trio of Snapper.
    • G: Towards the end, the "G" is in a lowered part of the floor near a group of Snappers.
  • Kong Tokens: 3


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