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Mountain Mayhem

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ExitIsNearSign.png Mountain Mayhem ExitSign.png
World Monkey Mountains and Chimpanzee Clouds
Type Mountain
Theme Mountain Mayhem

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies Rambi, Expresso.
Enemies encountered Gnawtys, Zingers, Krushas, Slippas, Kritters

Game Donkey Kong Land

Mountain Mayhem is the eighteenth level of the game, Donkey Kong Land. It is accessible after completing Pot Hole Panic. Completion of this level leads to Track Attack.


Donkey Kong, riding on Rambi, waits for a rock to fall down so that he can proceed.

Mountain Mayhem is a unique level in Donkey Kong Land -- Mountain climbing levels were not featured in the original Donkey Kong Country, and wouldn't be incorporated into the Country series until the third entry. Rocks will fall from high above at various points in the level, acting as hazards. Beyond that, the level features two different Animal Buddies; Expresso the Ostrich can be found in a bonus level and Rambi the Rhinoceros can be used to help finish the level. Expresso is used to jump long distances where he appears, and Rambi is helpful for easily taking down the jumping Kritters, the Slippa snakes that patrol ledges, and the random Gnawty enemies. The majority of the level is jumping across platforms, avoiding falling, King K. Rool's minions, and the falling rocks.



Diddy Kong prepares to throw a TNT Barrel.
  • Barrels:
  • Kong Token: 3
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Above a Slippa.
    • O: In the first bonus room—go to the far upper left area with Expresso to obtain the "O".
    • N: Found on a platform with rocks falling on it. Hard to miss.
    • G: In the last bonus room, being circled by a Mincer.

Bonus Levels

The "Collect the Prizes!" bonus room.
  • Find the Exit! -- The first bonus room is accessed by jumping down a banana trail onto a weakened hole in the ground. A rope will go up and carry the heroes to the bonus level, which is a ship deck themed area where the heroes must reach the far right side to find Expresso the Ostrich. Expresso can be used to backtrack to the start of the area to find two Kong Tokens and the "O" Letter.
  • Collect the Prizes! -- Located northwest of the "N" KONG Letter. Donkey/Diddy are placed in a small construction site themed area where a Mincer revolves around the "G" letter.


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